About Us

Paving the way to a flexible future

We’re rooting for ambitious mothers everywhere. We want to ensure they never have to sacrifice family for a career and vice versa by helping them find flexible opportunities that will still allow them to reach their full potential. The Hood provides a support network for career-minded mothers, matching them with companies that value their talents. Ones that recognise the benefits of diversity and flexible working.

Where great mothers can be great employees

We know there are tons of progressive companies out there, run by people who get it. People who know that children don’t define a woman, who see the skills and experience that simmer beneath the surface. They know these mothers want to be treated as equals and to be able to bring their whole selves to the table. But equally they understand that these hard-working women are as needed in the home as they are in the office.

Being the change we want to see in the world

As a society and an economy, we have a responsibility to encourage these undervalued employees back into the workplace. To do whatever it takes to ensure countless years of training and experience are not wasted. To stop the disconnect between education and work. And to make sure that our women are able to achieve fulfilment. As employees. As mothers. And as role models to a whole new future generation.

For now, it’s just about our mothers. In the future, who knows?