Our Team

At 2to3days we live and breathe the values we’re championing. We work closely with employers and recruiters using our network of connections to help unearth the right talent for the right roles. And we support our mothers, giving them the advice and confidence they need to throw their hats back in the ring. What’s more we benefit from a dynamic, flexible team who prove it’s a model that works.

Meet our dynamic team

The 2to3days team is made up of employees, freelancers and consultants who all have one commonly held belief: that flexible working is a win-win-win situation for companies, mothers and family, not to mention society and the economy as a whole.



Juliet Turnbull, CEO & Founder
Chartered surveyor, entrepreneur, business coach and mother of two, Juliet is on a mission to change the face of recruitment by providing flexible opportunities for all.

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Annabel Timberlake, Co-Head of Sales
With 15 years in the city under her belt, working for the likes of Goldman Sachs, Schroders and JP Morgan, Annabel is a corporate powerhouse who is passionate about actively promoting women in the workplace. Working with Russell they are building relationships with companies across the UK who go on to advertise on 2to3days.

Charlotte Stillwell, Digital Marketing & Content Manager
After 13 years in the civil service, tackling everything from speech writing to policy making, Charlotte was handling the day to day operations of a team of 500 people. When her son was born in 2015 she trained as a Digital Mum to give her more flexibility and now she supports 2to3days with all things digital.