Hiring flexible workers will transform your business


With the end of Summer and the cooler Autumn days signalling a change in pace, September is a great time to review your year so far and to look forward to renewed efforts as business gets back into gear. For businesses with recruitment challenges, the start of the new academic year signals an opportunity to target job-seeking flexible workers.

At the beginning of this year Vodafone published an interesting study  (Flexible: Friend or Foe?) which positively called out the benefits for companies in adopting flexible working practices.

Having surveyed over 8,000 small to medium businesses across three continents, the overwhelming message was that of enhanced performance attributed to flexible work patterns.

  • 61 percent of respondents globally said their company’s profits increased;
  • 83 percent reported an improvement in productivity; and
  • 58 percent believed that flexible working policies had a positive impact on their organisation’s reputation.

With businesses increasingly waking up to the possibilities, and with technology enablement making flexible and remote working more and more achievable, we look at where enlightened employers are reaping the benefits of employing flexible workers.

5 ways flexible workers will boost your business

1. Productivity

Allowing workers flexibility has been shown to enhance productivity, as a flexible arrangement has at its core a focus on results rather than input. Efficiency and effectiveness become the focus of working, rather than being in a particular place for a set number of hours, and being allowed flexibility in location and hours will lead to more energy and enthusiasm about the work itself.

2. Profits

When your business is focused on driving results and getting things done, efficient and effective flexible workers will focus on meeting deadlines and improving your business rather than being stressed about having to spend specific hours in a particular location. Business goals become clearer and profits can increase as workers are more focused and results-oriented. In addition, cost savings you might make on desk space, size of buildings needed and service usage can all add up and contribute to the company profits.


April's  CIPD Employee Outlook revealed the positive effect of flexible working of high levels of satisfaction and happiness where 67% of respondents were happy with their work-life balance as opposed to only 47% who were not flexible workers. Happier employees show up more and take less time off sick; happy flexible workers will also stay longer with a company that is able to offer these benefits.

4. Retention

Flexibility can be a key contributor in staff retention, with businesses using flexible workers seeing reductions in recruitment and training costs: more effective workers stay longer with a company who can provide the flexible arrangements that an increasing number of employees are seeking. Keeping your more experienced members of staff is a key factor in your business success. If your business can creatively make use of flexible workers and make them feel valued, you will be ahead of the curve and will be able to use this as a differentiator when it comes to attracting the best talent.

5. Wider talent pool

Businesses struggle to find suitable candidates for some roles, such as those at a senior level or with specialist skills, so it makes good sense to expand the search to those workers preferring a flexible approach, with the talent pool of flexible workers offering a promising expansion of challenging searches for many roles. By opening up your search to people seeking work outside a traditional 9-5 approach, you will find talented people able to make a positive contribution to your business.

Hiring flexible workers for your business

As the enablers of technology and the increasing cultural shift in how people are thinking about work start to gain momentum, you can take the lead now and solve your recruitment challenges, transforming your business with flexible workers.

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