Great talent and expertise right under your nose!


Our latest survey results are in, and we are as thrilled as ever at the amazingly diverse, dispersed and talented bank of mothers we have!  During November we asked our mothers what their ideal job would be, as our job at 2to3days.com is to help locate the opportunities our mothers are looking for and show our employers the talent they can tap into – all around the country.

From Aberdeen to Bristol, Cheshire to Dorset and all corners of the UK, and in every business sector, our mothers are oozing talent with razor sharp skills and relevant experience, ready to become a valuable asset to the enlightened company that snaps them up.

Where and when do our mothers want to work?

2to3days.com has a database packed with talent in every corner of the UK, with 80% of our bright mothers looking to work in an office balanced with some work done from home. A relatively small 14% of our mothers want to work just from home and 6% solely from an office.  

As flexible means many different things, we asked how many hours our mothers wanted to work, and most of them want to work between 24 and 30 hours a week  - which is 24-30 hours of quality, focused brain power targeted on transforming businesses for the better. Our mothers have worked long and hard before having their children, have gained valuable experience across a variety of industries, and are now keen to apply that valuable experience to businesses right across the country. They don’t want to come in and cruise the internet on your time – they come with focused energy and motivation to do a great job as it means the world to them.

Although large numbers of mothers are based in or around major cities, there are also, unsurprisingly, large numbers in rural locations, which is great news for companies who struggle to recruit outside cities, or for entrepreneurs who have set up their businesses in less urban locations to have more of a work life balance. Whatever your business, the mothers are there – right under your noses!

What size of company are our mothers looking for?

When it comes to size of company, again our mothers are looking across the board, with the most favoured size of company those with 51-250 employees. Only an eyebrow-raising 4% of mothers want to work for large corporations

With our mothers reluctant to join those very corporations where gender pay gap reporting will start to highlight lack of women in senior management roles and broken talent pipelines, and with anecdotal evidence suggesting some larger corporations are not providing the work-life balance our mothers are seeking, it seems there is a message there that larger companies would do well not to ignore.

And there is a definitely a message here for medium-sized companies that they can find resourceful talented women who are actively seeking roles with them – and which company wouldn’t like their recruitment challenges solved in this way?

What skills and which sectors are our mothers ready to rock?

A report this year from CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) bemoaned the much publicised skills gap the UK is facing, with 14% of employers reporting skills gaps in their existing workforce as well as highlighting the fact that almost ¼ of job vacancies last year remained unfilled due to a ‘widening skills crisis’ across the UK.

That’s not the experience of the employers who are using our site! If employers are struggling to fill roles they should look at our mothers, who can work in all areas, private and public sector, from Finance to HR and Marketing to Sales.  We have mothers who want to work as HR Managers, as Marketing Directors, as Risk Analysts and Lawyers – senior professional mothers who could delight the choosiest employers.

We asked our mothers to name the company they would love to work for – here are the top ten results:

  1. RBS
  2. Barclays
  3. JP Morgan
  4. American Express
  5. Google
  6. Ebay
  7. John Lewis
  8. Sweaty Betty
  9. Joules
  10. Cancer Research

Our mothers are keen to work for companies who will value them on results and contribution rather than simply on hours spent at work, and are targeting companies in sectors as diverse as Tech and Retail, Charity and Banking – wherever your vacancy, give our mothers a shot at filling it; let’s stop ignoring the hidden talent pool which could transform your business.

The CBI recognises that tackling the skills gap is a ‘top business priority’. The most common skill seen to be lacking in candidates was the ability to manage their own time and to prioritise tasks. Well hello?!! If ever there was a strong case for some joined up thinking, let’s look to mothers, who have this skill in spades, to fill some of these gaps and make businesses soar.

The one key metric that makes employing a highly skilled and ambitious mother a 'no-brainer' to an employer

Mothers want ambitious careers, without compromising on family and while doing meaningful and valuable work on their own terms. We need to challenge the status quo now and make flexible arrangements work as we know they really can. Women calling out for senior part-time roles should hear employers calling right back at them and valuing their skills and ability to perform.

We need to change that old-fashioned mind-set we are so tired of hearing, and realise that our mothers can be brilliant for any company. With qualities such as experience, efficiency and ability alongside dedication, motivation and loyalty, where else would you find over 13,000 women wanting to make a positive difference to businesses who get the message?

Just a couple of ‘no-brainer’ answers from our survey should help to drive home this very important message:

  • Loyalty & commitment - a mother comes with a wealth of experience from previous employment & life as a mum. We have less time but we will be 100% committed during our working hours.
  • A mother has dedication to a workplace that respects the importance of family and a healthy work-life balance.
  • Women who juggle motherhood with work have to be ambitious. Why would you not want all that energy in your business?

At 2to3days.com we are building a community of engaged bright women, ready and willing to work. This latest survey shows these talented mothers are right under your noses, willing, ready and very able, so come on employers - this could be the best hire you ever make!