Busting the myths and getting the job done


Well that was a blast of fresh air! Our latest survey asked you to blow away the urban myths about mothers who work part-time. You certainly did that, and more, all 750 of you, who took the time to reply at the busiest time of year.

Firstly, thank you so much for taking time out of cooking the turkey and wrapping the presents to give us your views, it really means a lot to us. It’s awesome that we have such an active, engaged community – and we would love to make more of this, so look out for our new campaign coming soon (hint hint!).

The best news is that those of you who are out there in part-time roles or working more flexible hours feel extremely positive about your careers. You told us the top three reasons for wanting to work were: for the variety of work and family; missing the intellectual challenge; and financial reasons.

73% of you also told us you enjoy the different challenges of work and family and 66% of you think being a working parent is good role model behaviour for your children. You told us that your biggest priority is flexible working, with 51% saying this should be an option. A quarter said that you look for a trusting manager, while only 7% want a salary that recognises your skills.

You are a highly skilled bunch, with 71% of you having a Bachelor’s degree and a further 25% having a Master’s degree – but despite this only 4% of you said being paid fairly was among your top priorities, coming in well below reliable childcare, a supportive partner and a supportive corporate culture or manager. 85% of you are looking for roles at middle management or higher level, and if we succeed in finding roles to suit your skills and experience we will go a long way to moving the dial on the well-known issues with talent pipeline in the higher level of companies where women in senior roles are too thin on the ground.

While 62% of you say their relationships with co-workers have changed as they don’t spend as much time in the office, 28% of you felt that nothing had changed. The remaining 10% say things have improved as you value your time spent in the office more. And it’s good to see that 69% of you talk freely about your children at work, although 31% try to maintain some distance between home and office by not speaking about them too much.

Far from conforming to the stereotypical image of “part-timer,” 58% of you told us that you work over and above your contracted hours every week, and only 4% of respondents said you did not work outside of your contracted hours). Despite this, 32 per cent thought that the hours didn’t matter as long as the job is done.

A massive 98% of you want to work part-time, and here at 2to3days we will support you in that as much as we can. In return we hope you will help us spread the word about the benefits of flexible working – together we can make the changes that we all want to see!