Respect our mothers - every day

On this week of Mothers’ Day we see increasing levels of spending each year, with £928M spent in the UK alone in celebrating our mothers with flowers, cards and gifts. What is it about this one day that brings out such generosity towards mothers, and can this really be the one day of the year that we truly recognise the value of the contribution mothers make to our lives?


Business owners of Small and Medium businesses frequently ask me: “What salary would your mothers expect to earn for this role?”

I find it incredibly hard to answer this question specifically, as every job is unique and there are so many factors that go in to determining a person’s salary.  The level of responsibility, the role you want them to do, how much value you attribute to their skill set and experience, what you pay the rest of your team, the age and stage of the company, the culture of the company, the geographical location of the company - and that’s before you get down to the nitty gritty of what days or hours you want them to work.

Pay mothers what they are worth

My answer is always consistently the same – RESPECT your employees. They want to be paid what they are worth, and paid enough to be motivated to do a job properly, based on output and contribution.

Women also want to be respected for being mothers – and that’s the beauty of our site. Our 2to3days site allows these women for the first time to bring their whole self to the interview instead of a more usual navigation of the need to mention their children and their need for flexible hours.  Acknowledging the ‘elephant in the room’ upfront allows the interviewee to shine and to respond whole-heartedly to questions without having to be on high alert about when the right time is to mention that she has children and therefore would love to do this role but flexibly!

Instead, with palpable relief they can have the children conversation, get that bit acknowledged, and move swiftly on to why and how they can fulfil the role to everyone’s satisfaction.

Don’t b*llsh%t our mothers!

So no - it’s not respectful to ask them to do a five day job in four days,  or to go with the attitude of ‘what can I get away with as it’s a part-time role?’ or having the mind set of  paying them less as they will be grateful to have a job because they are a mother!

2to3days is an engaged community of around 20K people who believe in the value of part-time work for mothers. Its growth is shaped by its members, and our mothers vote with their feet – if a poor lowly-paid job is advertised on our site they don’t apply.  Give them a great job that oozes RESPECT for the value that they can bring to your business and you will attract the appropriate applicants.

Every day can be Mothers’ Day

So follow the principles of respect and no b*llsh%t and you will earn our mothers’ respect and benefit from employing one of our fantastic and experienced mothers who will be loyal and capable additions to your company. Place an advert with us and enjoy the calibre of applicants that will come rolling in.