Hiring great Mums to launch a digital start up


Mum & You has just launched its online business platform selling innovative, clever Mum and baby products with a brilliant twist; from day one, the company (run by Mums) is putting money aside to help Mums who need it. 

Tell us how Mum & You came about

M & Y was formed when a group of parents who happen to be businesspeople discovered we shared a strong life purpose; we all wanted to contribute to making the world a better place for children. Our joint life experience told us the best way to do this is to support Mothers – because if a Mother is cared about, encouraged and given opportunity, there’s a far greater chance her children will be happy, healthy and live to their full potential. 

At our launch, we’re proud to be a company that, at its heart, has been created to help Mothers. While our products are pretty damn brilliant (intuitive, innovative and contemporary), we already do much more to help Mums. By promoting flexible working, entrepreneurship, networking and partnerships as well as helping Mums that need it most with some basic provisions, we believe we create positive change that makes Motherhood work – for everyone.

How did you hear about 2to3days?

One of our co-founders, Andrea, was having a chat with a Dad called Thomas about Mum & You, “He instantly picked up that we shared the same values and strongly recommended we connect. So then we spoke, met face to face and started working together and thank goodness we did – supporting and collaborating with other, female- and mum-led companies has huge business and social advantages.” Andrea, Mum & You co-founder. 

Thomas, the introducing Dad, says “ It made perfect sense. On the one side, who better than M&Y to create products for mothers and babies than mothers with that experience; and on the other 2to3days.com as a leading specialist in helping business tap into the vast pool of mothers who want to combine career with being a mother. If a mother can manage birth and bringing up children, she can manage anything!”

Is there a shared purpose between what you’re trying to achieve and what we’re doing at 2to3days?

Absolutely. A huge part of our drive to support Mothers comes from within. We know how blimmin hard being a parent can be because M&Y is made up entirely of parents! Everything we do, we do in a way that helps and supports flexible working; all our products are designed and made by Mums – on their terms. We help Mums return to work and it’s why we donate nappies to those who need it most. It’s also why we specifically partner and work with companies that are supporting Mums in much the same way. Our filmmakers, photographers, illustrators and contributors are predominantly all Mums who, because of our policies, are able to work flexibly to suit their needs and those of their family. Because we believe all this will lead back, even if at the start it’s a drop in society’s ocean, to happier, healthier children more likely to reach their full potential.

 How many jobs have you advertised through 2to3days?

We are still a relatively small team (just ten of us) but we’re delighted to say that so far we have successfully hired two pivotal roles through 2to3days, our Head of Technology and our Head of Customer Support. Around 20 people applied and, after a competitive interview stage we’ve found two amazing new members of our team – Rachael and Sarah – now they’re more like family. With such a small team, it goes without saying that we are only after the highest calibre of applicants and that’s why we’re advertising a third role for a Digital Marketing Manager now and going for our 2to3days hat trick!

Here’s what Rachael and Sarah think of 2to3days…

I was delighted to see a senior role advertised with 2to3days for Mum & You that offered the flexibility required to manage my work life-balance - it was a perfect match!” 

Rachael – Mum and head of Tech at Mum & You

‘’2to3days was such an amazing resource to find. It allowed me to seek opportunities and not feel that I needed to shy away from the fact that I was a Mum.  Working for Mum & You really has made working workable! Not only is it an opportunity to be part of an amazing team of talented & ground-breaking individuals, but at its heart, it is there to support Mums.  I now talk openly to colleagues and customers about being a Mum and my family get to see that I have my confidence back….what a revelation! Perhaps we can have it all?!”

Sarah – Head of Customer Support at Mum & You