Why a community approach is disrupting how and who you recruit

Juliet Turnbull

2018 has started with a flurry of new and returning recruiters joining us on our mission to help businesses thrive and to help working mothers fulfil their potential. Whilst companies busily swing into hiring mode there’s also a new year peak in candidates looking into career moves. Both of these trends can be bad news for business – there’s more competition out there for the best candidates and sifting high-calibre recruits from the mediocre masses is an excruciating task.

The reason why 2to3days is here and thriving is that we have designed a new model which knocks many of these problems on the head by giving companies privileged access to a niche talent pool of skilled and professional jobseekers. Our thousands of talented working mothers looking for part-time work may be overlooked by traditional recruitment agencies or could have been dismissed as too hard to reach by hiring managers – that is until we arrived on the scene! In the two years since we set up we’ve found kindred spirits amongst hundreds of forward-thinking companies who are stealing a march on competitors by hiring experienced working mothers on reciprocally flexible terms. Together with Nationwide, Grant Thornton, Diageo and Hudson as well as the hundreds of smaller entrepreneurial companies like Mum & You and Black Sun, we are traversing the foothills of a radical recruitment revolution.

2to3days cares deeply about both businesses and the mothers in our community. Our economy, society and the next generation of impressionable minds are impoverished by the difficulty businesses have in connecting with, and filling roles from, our untapped demographic. We are a can-do community that detests those that whinge about the status quo. Our win-win model has been lovingly fashioned to help businesses better reflect real life through how and who they hire. Having a ready pool of candidates who aren’t tied to standard job patterns helps firms allocate the right skill and time required to do a job rather than trying to fit all roles into 5 day packages!

Time and again businesses tell me four key reasons why the 2to3days service is needed more than ever. Meeting these business needs is why our community of businesses and mothers and the number of roles filled is growing at breathtaking speed:

  1. You want quality applicants not quantity. We have built a growing, niche community of 25,000 talented and experienced candidates so that typically our employers receive around 12 relevant applications from top notch people and usually tell us they’d be happy to hire several or all of them! A third of our community has Master’s degrees and over 4 in 5 have managerial experience. So you can say adios to ‘post and pray’ jobs boards that serve up quantity over quality.
  2. You worry that recruitment agencies’ commercial interests are not in line with your own. We don’t take a cut on your recruit’s salary which is why we have no vested interest in encouraging you to hire someone who’s less than perfect. The standard agency model has incentivised the placement of standard-fit applicants and withheld a wide pool of talent looking to break the five day mould (who also earn agents less commission). With us, you make the choice without being swamped with unsuitable candidates.
  3. You need to be cost-conscious. We never seek to make a fast buck but we’re also unapologetically commercial. So what’s our trick? We believe it takes a community to fill a role well and that’s where the magic of the ‘motherhood’ comes to the fore. This is truly novel when you consider that recruitment for key roles can be marred with secrecy. The motherhood is the digital, community-powered reinvention of the closed old boys’ network. Our community of mothers are bound by shared goals which leads them to proactively signpost colleagues and friends to jobs if they’re not right for themselves. Tapping into this immense goodwill and openness makes us effective and supremely cost-efficient. Approximately 70% of employers who advertise on our site hire one of our mothers and reaching our community costs only £300.
  4. You need a more diverse staff pool. If your business doesn’t reflect real life you’re less likely to understand and appeal to customers, prospective employees, clients, partners and other stakeholders. Harvard Business Review, amongst others, has published research to show that increased diversity within your business adds to your bottom line.

The firms we work with are at the vanguard in overhauling Monday to Friday rigidity and presenteeism. Consciously stacking the odds against hiring someone who doesn’t fit the standard mould in today’s world is a hugely wasted opportunity, preventing employers from attracting highly capable, experienced working mothers.

We don’t underestimate how tough it is to overcome over a century of ingrained work culture. Trusting staff to do a great job when they are working flexible hours, in evenings or from home requires an openness to doing business differently. However this trust delivers better results and committed colleagues. Almost every business leader seeks to manage outputs rather than inputs which is why they are joining our community in droves to enable them to fill bespoke roles or hire a portfolio of part-time specialists to meet their business needs with precision. The idea has been around for a while but they needed 2to3days to enable it.

Trusting staff delivers better results. Tapping into an open and thoughtful community who will spread your job opportunities delivers better results. Adding diversity to your staff delivers better results. Families and society are better off too. Our community of employers and mothers will develop an increasingly loud voice which will make 2018 a game-changing year for recruiters. To learn more about advertising with us, click here.