A career that works for you

Emma Heerah, Arcadis

Global design and consultancy firm Arcadis recognises and celebrates diversity, encouraging its people to be themselves at work. As the company releases a series of career opportunities with 2to3days, Head of Talent Acquisition Emma Heerah explains that diversity improves the quality of life for its people and drives design innovation.

Juggling life and career development can be challenging. Whether that's working parents struggling to make it to school events; carers wrestling with conflicting responsibilities, or people feeling they need to hide aspects of their identity to fit in and get ahead.

At Arcadis we don't think it should be this way. We believe diverse teams are better teams. 

We embrace an open and unique outlook on life from every one of our employees. We know that the best creative and innovative thinking for our clients comes from individual diversity and a supportive dynamic work environment. 

With the right conditions, it is possible to have a fulfilling career, successfully manage other commitments in life AND enjoy it. Removing the barriers to our people fulfilling their career potential is something we work hard to achieve.

Our work spans many disciplines - from consultancy to engineering and architecture to cost management - but its united under a common vision to improve quality of life. We see people where others see projects, and we recognise that when we design environments we impact lives.

That philosophy is embedded in the way we work. Part-time and flexible working empower our people to own their time and performance. We have created an environment where output and achievement are the measures used, not the amount of time you sit at your desk. 

Arcadis has successfully moved away from work as a physical place, instead embracing the notion of work as an activity. We work to improve cities, housing and infrastructure across the UK, using our skills to ensure places are well-designed and improve the lives of those who live and work in them.

 Working from home, the train, and occasionally on the move means our team members can come to work confident that they can manage their other commitments and collaborate in office-based and face-to-face meetings. 

Our multiple office locations mean team members can change their work locations when they need to, driving team engagement and stronger working relationships. 

Flexibility for all 

Ten years ago, flexible working was exclusive to a few forward-thinking industries (and roles) but that has changed. We see it as a basic requirement, not a benefit reserved for a few. 

All our people want to feel they can be themselves and that fulfilling work doesn't cost them in other areas of their lives from family and caring, to studying and sports. 

Elisabeth Selk, Strategic Research Consultant, has experienced this first-hand after taking a career break. I was keen to re-launch my career but equally keen to keep a degree of flexibility, she says. 

After taking part in a Women Returner initiative she realised that there was a market for experienced professionals seeking flexibility and applied for a position with Arcadis, advertised on 2to3days. 

"It turned out that this position was not quite the right level for me. However, I must have made the right impression with the team, and when a new position became available in the team a month or two later, I was offered a role in the Strategic Research team in Client Development."

She adds: "I have now been working as a strategic research consultant developing and communicating thought leadership and strategic research for buildings and infrastructure. I really enjoy the challenge, working with the team, while enjoying a good work-life balance through my flexible working arrangement."

We believe in working in a team where you are trusted and empowered to work to a schedule that fits you and your life. You should feel confident that you can fulfil your life ambitions and commitments as well as pursuing a fulfilling career one is never at the cost of the other. 

Arcadis is an aspirational place to work which recognises we are never the finished article and strives to stay ahead of the challenge inequality in the workplace presents. 

We are working with all parts of our business to create more part time and flexible working opportunities which we hope will attract greater diversity. This includes roles at all levels of Arcadis, including management and leadership level where we can create positive role models. 

Our latest part-time career opportunities demonstrate that Arcadis is a place where diversity is valued, enabling our people to thrive and raising the quality of the spaces and places we design.

See all their current opportunities here.