Corporate success requires flexible working


The world of work is changing and companies not willing to consider atypical working patterns can miss out on securing the best talent to increase business performance. 

Companies that offer flexibility both retain talent longer and have the potential to get more than their ‘9 to 5’ with 77% of employees being happy to attend to urgent matters out of hours and 58% willing to work evenings*. 

The Evening Standard recently explored why the flexible working model championed by 2to3days has achieved so much success in an interview with our founder and CEO, Juliet Turnbull. 

"If you just have a workforce full of men, that isn't a true reflection of society," Turnbull explained. "We need the mothers of this country to be productive. And businesses need these women.”

“Corporate companies have not been supportive of motherhood and work. The pressure [on women] has come from non-supportive environments at work - why can’t a meeting be earlier in the day? Can she work from home?"

She added: “There is a cynicism and lack of trust [among women] about going back into the corporate world. The big companies need to change to show that they are listening to and respecting women.”

This is why 2to3days.com is such a key platform for employers who recognise flexibility is crucial to attracting, nurturing and retaining dedicated, talented employees throughout their career. It connects the right talent to the right companies. 

The Evening Standard article highlights employers such as HSBC, Grant Thornton, Santander and London Stock Exchange who are attracting talent through 2to3days and we continue to work with many more. 

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*survey of 1500 women by 2to3days looking for flexible skilled and senior roles