Shell Return to Work Programme Q&A

Juliet Turnbull

We are delighted to be partnering with Shell to promote their new and exciting Return to Work programme and we were thrilled to see such a fantastic response when we asked if you had any questions about it. Shell were really keen to provide answers to your questions as this helps them enormously too. So whether you asked a question and want to see the answer, or you just want to find out more, please read on. 

And you can find all the details about this great opportunity for anyone who has been on a career break of 12 months or more here including information about the roles available in the following disciplines:

  • IT Project Management or IT Advisory

  • Corporate Accounting & Treasury Management

  • Geology & Geophysics

  • Reservoir Engineering

1. Is there a requirement to work full time after finishing if one of these 6 month 3-day placements is secured, or will later jobs be similarly flexible? 

Shell supports flexible working and we seek to offer flexibility in all roles, where business requirements allow. If after completing the Return to Work Programme, an individual is successful in securing a permanent position within Shell, working patterns and arrangements can be discussed and agreed with the line manager of the role. 

2.  Are detailed job descriptions available for the roles? 

More detailed job descriptions will be provided to candidates who successfully progress through to the next stage following telephone interviews with Inclusivity Partners. 

3. What is the day rate for the programme?

Contractors will receive a day rate in line with UK market practice. If you are selected for a telephone interview the day rates for each project will be discussed at that time. 

4. Is the scheme open to those who have done some work on a part-time/freelance/self-employed basis as part of their career break?

In order to be eligible for the programme, you must have taken a career break of 12 months or more immediately preceding the date you commence the programme. Shell defines a career break as a period during which you have been unemployed and not otherwise engaged to provide paid work/services (excluding any periods of less than three months during which you have undertaken contract work).

5. I am hoping to make an application to the Shell Return to Work programme but am unsure which area would be most suitable for me. Is there a matching process or will you help find the best possible match for my experience and skills? 

It is recommended that you apply to the role that best matches your skill set. If the recruiter feels you may be most suitable for another role, they will discuss this with you.

6. Who will be involved in the interviews?

Inclusivity will hold the telephone interviews with applicants. If you are successful, Shell will hold the face to face assessment in the office (or virtual if you are unable to come into the office).

7. What support and training is on offer?

We are offering projects in disciplines that require specific skill sets and experience and so candidates will need to come with a background to deliver in role. You will receive coaching and mentoring within Shell to get back up to speed with industry knowledge. 

In addition, you will receive:

  • Ability to request flexible work patterns either on a formal or informal basis during the programme

  • Career coaching from our external coaching experts

  • A buddy to help navigate your way in Shell

  • Support from a dedicated programme manager

  • Access to Shell discounts with Bright Horizons

  • Online learning resources

Participants in the programme will also be able join events run by our UK networks including our Asian, African, Disability, Experience Hire, Gender Balance, Ibero-America, Parenting and our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender networks.

8. If I get accepted on the Shell Return to Work programme, would it be possible for me to defer my start date?

Unfortunately it is not possible to defer a place on the programme. We encourage you to express interest in joining Shell through shell.co.uk/careers.

9. Are you looking for mentors for the programme?

At the start of the programme, all participants will be partnered with a mentor from the line of business that they are working. The mentor will meet regularly with the returner to share career advice, discuss market practice and offer guidance.