The solution to your back office tale of woe...

Juliet Turnbull

“She won’t want to do that sort of work” – HR Director and Business Owner

“Have you tested the market?” – Juliet Turnbull


“I suggest you try…”

“You’re right, we should…”

The work we were talking about is critical in every company. It’s commonly known as back office support but I like to think of it as the ‘backbone’ – if it isn’t doing its job properly, supporting all the other functions of the company, then your business, like your body, can get into an almighty mess very quickly!

This week I had a similar conversation with both the Head of Recruitment for a global insurance company and a fast recruitment agency in SW London. They were both lamenting the cost and disruption of hiring young people to do this work, only to see them resign six months later.

I presented a solution. Hire the mothers from the 2to3days community. They are reliable, dependable and have a more mature attitude to their work. Most importantly, and here’s the irony – they want to do the work you need doing! Why? Because they are motivated by a different set of values. They aren’t necessarily aspiring to be the next CEO. They want to use their brains and their skills, they want to contribute, they want to escape for a few hours from the drudge of domesticity. After all, when they do get home they often then become the CEO and probably the COO too and do their own battles with the younger generation!

I am not saying don’t hire the younger generation as they have a huge amount of value to add. Progressive companies need to have a workforce that reflects society, not just men at the top and the young guns bringing up the rear. We all know the saying – ‘if you want a job done well, ask a busy person.’ There is no better person to ask than one of the thousands of highly capable mothers who form part of the dynamic 2to3days community. They want to do a great job on flexible terms that work for the company and for them as mothers. 

To me, it’s a no-brainer – but then, hey, I am one of those busy mothers and I get it all done!