Working mothers have had a family not a lobotomy

On Friday my colleague Annabel Timberlake and I had the privilege of giving a talk to a fabulous group of mothers from a school based in the heart of Hampshire. 

I left so energised and inspired. The ideas and support that were flying around the room were electric and a great reminder that 2to3days is far more than a recruitment hub – 2to3days is a movement and the potential for companies when they harness the experience, motivation and determination of these mothers is extraordinary. 

In the group we had network engineers - and we all know that female engineers are like hens’ teeth, very hard to find - a Chartered Surveyor who until recently had managed a global fund worth over £1billion as well as lawyers, operations managers and an architect. Plus two mothers who run their own companies, both of whom want to work with 2to3days to find them architects and lawyers.  

These mothers were all at the top of their profession when they stopped to have their family as their previous employers wouldn’t support them to do both. One great, but appalling, piece of feedback was that a mother was told by her last male boss – ‘a piece of advice – never thank me for your bonus. I gave you the least amount I could get away with’. – Ouch! 

We need to help progressive companies and leaders to step forward and stop this archaic nonsense. Carpe diem! The mothers registered on 2to3days have had a family not a lobotomy! They all want to work – by integrating their work with their responsibilities towards their family and that’s OK. That’s what we should all be doing. 

I hate with a passion the phrase ‘work-life’ balance as this assumes, wrongly, that your work is separate to your ‘life’. These mothers from leafy Hampshire, who get overlooked and side-lined, pigeonholed as ‘just mothers’, actually want to grab their careers back and make a meaningful contribution to UK Plc.

That was just a snapshot from a small pocket in Hampshire. Combine that with the rest of the mothers across the UK and our economy will rock!  The £23billion deficit that sits in our GDP as a result of not tapping into this hidden but rapidly growing talent pool will shrink, and quickly.

That’s why 2to3days is a movement that openly welcomes progressive companies, business leaders and mothers to join and collectively we can harness the latent potential of this hidden but amazing talent pool. 

If you would like me or a member of our team to come and talk to your company or a group of other fabulous mothers then get in touch at thehood@2to3days.com.

And if you believe in what we are doing here at 2to3days, please join us today!