Mothers would leave their jobs in a heartbeat for more flexibility

We are pleased to say 2to3days appeared in Mail on Sunday's This is Money with the following article.

A survey of 1,500 mothers revealed 95% would leave their jobs immediately if offered a similar role elsewhere with a more supportive work culture.

Some of Britain's biggest firms are failing professional mothers who would leave their jobs 'in a heartbeat' if they were offered more flexible roles elsewhere.

Entrepreneur Juliet Turnbull said women are becoming 'exhausted' trying to hold down full-time jobs which restrict the time the can spend with their young children because alternatives are not available.

'They have no life. All the surveys show that depression and divorce is on the rise because people are living a life that is not for them. These women are exhausted,' said Turnbull, who set up the recruitment hub for mothers 2to3days.com three years ago.

A survey of 1,500 mothers seeking skilled and senior part-time roles revealed 95 per cent from accountancy, finance and banking backgrounds said they would leave immediately if offered a similar role elsewhere with a more supportive work culture.

But 92 per cent did not feel confident that there were enough employers in finance offering flexible and part-time jobs, according to the survey.

'The most striking thing for me is how many women are working full-time for these big companies and they would leave in a heartbeat if they could get a flexible role,' said Turnbull, whose firm conducted the survey.

Turnbull, a mother of two who lives in South London, launched 2to3days.com after realising the professional recruitment market was letting down the rising number of women that wanted a 'better integration of their work and personal lives'.

'The industry is predicated on full-time salaries and they are not interested in part-time mothers. They will put the phone down and they are brutal. So three years ago I decided to do it my way and I haven't looked back.'

Turnbull said her firm broke even last year and now has 28,000 registered members.

'We're at a tipping point. Our brand is widely known. Building a business takes time but we are now on the radar of some very large companies and companies are coming back to us for a second and third time.'

Clients include Lloyd's of London, Nationwide, Santander and the Confederation of British Industry. She said interest from other firms has risen with the recent focus on Gender Pay Gap statistics.

But she added: 'I think younger people - millennials - want something different. They've seen their dads burn out and they want something different. Now, at last, corporations are waking up.' 

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