Nothing happens in August

Great staff make great companies. The talent in your team is your most important asset. This article by Forbes summarises very well the importance of talent to a company. 

So in June and July whilst the chat around the water cooler is ‘where are you going on holiday this summer’ now is the perfect time for you to steal a march on the competition and look to hire skilled and experienced talent whose attitude rocks.

Here’s why – when I am talking to business leaders about working with 2to3days they say to me countless times that ‘nothings happens in August’ so the role they are looking to fill would be a great role for a mother to do – this coupled with the fact that depending on the size of your company and the seniority of the role you are looking to hire the recruitment process can take anything from 4 – 12 weeks!  So in reality they wouldn’t be joining you until September anyway which is a brilliant time to hire a mother as she has just started a new academic year. And like all new beginnings there is a fresh sense of energy and outlook. So whether you are a small business looking for great talent or a large organisation looking to close your gender pay gap, June and July are the perfect months to advertise positions that our highly capable mothers can do on a flexible basis. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to address head on one of the elephants in the room when it comes to hiring a mother – the summer holidays! The undeniable fact is that the summer holidays can be anything from 6-10 weeks and businesses never stop. But let’s get practical, they don’t, if we stop and think about it for a whole host of plausible reasons, need to be a barrier to hiring great talent. 

Talent is about the perfect alchemy of skills, experience and attitude. Dealing with the summer holidays is about attitude. 

Mothers’ attitude that rocks! 

1.    Commitment – she is driven by a higher purpose than her work – the wellbeing of her family. So working for you isn’t a decision she has taken lightly so once made she is committed to making it work

2.    Trustworthy–it’s about getting the work done to a high standard and on time.  You need to trust her, she will get the work done

3.    Reliable and Responsible– let’s be honest. I don’t know any mother who doesn’t outsource her children to the television, a play date, grandparents or summer camp at some point over the holidays. She comes to work for her sanity, she comes to work to do a great job for you and for her wellbeing, and her contribution to the family finances. You can rely on her to make it work. 

Employers’ attitude that rocks!

1.    Thoughtful– plan ahead. When do you need this person to start and how long is your recruitment period?

2.    Considerate– is the summer the perfect time to ease them in gently so that come September they have settled in and ready to fire on all cylinders?

3.    Honesty– If nothing happens in August tell her. Are you happy that she can work from home or change her time in the office? Let her know. 

Hiring great talent to grow great businesses starts with having an open and honest conversation between the hiring team and the candidate. Matching the business needs and culture of the company with the desire and experience of the candidate. Now is the perfect time to hire our mothers as they gear up for a new academic year in September. And if nothing happens in August that’s even sweeter for you both! 

I would love to hear from companies and mothers as to the practical things you have done to cover the summer holidays?