Shake up your teams Innocent Smoothie Style!

Last week 2to3days met with Douglas Lamont the CEO for Innocent Smoothies to discuss how 2to3days can become a valuable hiring resource for them. 

Whilst Doug was giving us a tour of their offices he told us that it was company policy that everyone sits open plan, everyone is given a desk but that no one sits in their vertical departments e.g. a marketing pod, a finance pod, a branding pod etc. 

Instead the Innocent style, just like they do with their smoothies, is to blend everyone together so finance can find themselves sitting next to marketing who in turn could be next to HR and senior management. 

Simple but brilliant as it kills straight away silo mentality. Instead it creates cross-pollination of team expertise and creativity. Not only that, their team are actively encouraged to take on new roles. 

The amazing culture of their company was palpable. Like their fruit and veg it was fresh, vibrant and healthy.  

In common with many things in life, it is the simple solutions that help to make the world a better place to work. This was a notable example of how non-traditional formats can make a real difference to the success and performance of a business. 

We hear time and again at 2to3days how bringing in one of our mothers on a flexible basis has provided a rejuvenation in workplace perspective and attitude.

Professional skills aside, their high passion and strong loyalty - created through their employer demonstrating true support to enable them to be the best they can professionally and personally - is infectious. 

Could a ‘shake-up’ be what your team needs to unleash even further performance? Find out more about hiring one of our mothers here