Underestimate at your peril the power of a mother’s attitude on Sports Day!

There is one week in the business calendar when a mother’s ability to juggle both home and work is seriously tested: the last week of the academic year.  It’s fraught with Sports Day and prizing giving, and has the potential to create turbulence in the working week! 

This time of year the heat is turned up a notch at work as the Q2 results need to filed and overall there is a general accelerated pace of activity ahead of the pre-August exodus. So having to attend all of the end of term activities can cause eyes to roll and ‘I told you so’ being muttered under the breath of the flexible working cynics. Ironically, this time of year also clashes with the well-established 'corporate jollies’ amplified this year by the World Cup and England finally overcoming their fear of penalties and playing like a world cup team. Not to mention the glorious weather winking at you for a cheeky beer in the pub or a quick getaway to hit a ball down the fairway.

When I am talking to companies about hiring talent, having a great attitude is the game changer for them all. Skills and relevant experience are vital – they get you to the start line but to win the race the pixie dust that we are all looking for in our ideal candidate is their attitude to do a great job, their ability to be a team player and make work a nice place to be.

I’ve just attended two Sports Days and due to the nature of my business I actively stepped up my antenna to watch and listen and really understand how mothers, who are determined to progress their careers and be there for their children, make it work.

Attitude #1 Discipline- She is up early and has dealt with all of her incoming emails 

Attitude #2 Planner– ahead of time she has studied the Sports Day schedule and quickly worked out, in the politically correct world that we live in, that her pride and joy is only starring in a maximum of four events, the rest of the time you are kicking your heels. So she is on a bench, laptop out, phone at her ear, working – the number of hand signals I got to inform me that she was on a conference call was high. 

Attitude #3 Organised– be it playdates after Sports Day, or taxis ready to zoom off to meetings, it was all sorted to military precision.

Attitude #4 Present– she was there at the finishing line for each race – she did the high 5 and took the photo for the family album and to show their father later if he couldn’t make it!

Attitude #5 Loyalty– there is no bunking off, she is there for you both and she got both jobs done.

To get a job done ask a busy person - ask a mother! I would love to hear what other people’s top tips are to ensure that the balls aren’t dropped and the work still gets done at times when the domestic and business world collide.