A contact centre environment distinctly different to the norm

Nationwide's six Contact Centres throughout the UK are all slightly different in their culture, atmosphere and the type of work they do. But they have much in common too. 

We’re dedicated to creating contact centre environments where every employee feels part of the unique society that Nationwide is building. Where they feel valued, recognised and rewarded in equal measures. How do we achieve this? By being as supportive, helpful and considerate towards our employees as we are towards our members.

Our Social purpose isn’t just a tag line

As a building society and not a bank, we’ve always done things differently. We’re owned by and run for the benefit of our members, not shareholders, and have a duty to act in their best interests. We also passionately belief in flexible working being a prerequisite, not a special request.

Although Nationwide is now a very large business, our primary purpose is still a social – not commercial - one. Just as was our purpose over 170 years, to help to co-operate and collaborate to improve the lives of ‘the industrious classes’, this still binds our interests with those of society more generally today.  

This purpose is epitomised by our people within our contact centres. Such as Yasmine, who works in our Northampton centre: “ Not only do we look after each other, but we look after our members so much as well; we always put them at the heart of everything we do.”

Contact centres which are anything but stereotypes 

This belief in supporting our talented people is so important at Nationwide. We know that working in a contact centre can sometimes be challenging. You have to be resilient and you have to be customer-focused. But we’ll always make sure that you’ve got the support of the team, encouraging managers and plenty of opportunities to breakout and recharge your batteries. It’s all about finding the right balance.

This support is provided by people like Mike, one of our trainers: “Agents get time off the phone for coaching and development. If there's anything we can do in that coaching session that's going to help that agent, let’s say, improve on a particular targeted area, then we also give them the necessary tools, the necessary guidance as well to help them improve in that particular area.”

A future of opportunities

We’re building our ‘society’ with a sense of community and the collective belief that we’re here to help and can make a difference. You’ll have the support to achieve your career goals, work in an environment where you can have a voice, and have access to lifestyle rewards that really are worthwhile. Help us build on our values and we’ll help you build an amazing career.

We have flexible and part-time opportunities in [Bournemouth, Dunfermline, Northampton, Sheffield, Swindon and Wakefield]. View our current 2to3days job post, and to explore our contact centres and the opportunities further, click here.