How to attract more women to apply for jobs and solve your gender pay gap

With the gender pay gap at the forefront of business priorities, understanding how to attract more women to apply for roles is key.  

Recent research by Glassdoor, the worldwide job and recruiting site, states that employers need to consider how audiences may differ in how they research jobs and what is important to them.

If companies wish to attract more women, these key factors should be considered as the research showed that women rated them more highly than men:
Work-from-home option                         49%
Transparency on pay & benefits            48%
Potential to grow within the company     44%

The online survey, conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Glassdoor in May 2018, found these factors were more important than a great company culture (35%), whether the company’s financial performance is good (26%), or familiarity with the brand (23%).

“Job seekers crave transparency on pay, not only to make an initial judgement about whether to consider applying for a job, but also to assess if an employer holds long term potential for them,” said Julie Coucoules, Glassdoor’s Global Head of Talent Acquisition.

“Quality candidates are typically well-researched and those that go beyond job ads and look for a richer set of background data that includes benefits and employee reviews, among other specific traits about an employer. This means that employers should make information available to job candidates proactively, or they risk missing out on quality candidates applying.”

Companies providing as much detail as possible about the role, and the benefits on offer – including salary and whether homeworking is an option – will attract the best candidates and tackle their female talent pipeline.

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