The HR Director’s Secret Weapon

Ask any HR Director what is raising their blood pressure and the same items crop up time and again. Employee engagement, recruitment competition, talent pool shortage, diversity,  gender pay gap, digital transformation, absenteeism management- all issues perpetually on the pain list of an HR Director.

Smart HR Directors however are increasingly deploying a secret weapon to steal a march on the competition and ease their pain in one fell swoop!

That secret weapon is designing roles with flexible working built in; when it comes to the future shape of the workplace, all roads lead to this.

Whether part-time, remote working, staggered hours or any other option in the wide range of alternatives to traditional office 9-5 Monday to Friday pattern, all have the same result - improved profitability, productivity, employee engagement, talent attraction and talent retention.

This is not simply anecdotal, study after study has found the same effect. Just consider some of the killer stats from organisations such as McKinsey, Deloitte, PWC, Stanford University and more.

And with gender diversity and the gender pay gap high on the boardroom agenda, it is a critical option that employers must embrace to address this. Women are far more likely to want to work part-time at all levels and with companies that lead the way on gender diversity at a senior level amongst the top performers when it comes to profitability, it makes sound business sense.

The obstacle most often encountered by an HR Director looking to unleash this secret weapon in a business is resistance from others that don’t understand the incredibly compelling business case.

Even the government is weighing in,  Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, commented on one such recent study: “More women on executive committees boosts profitability. Businesses that don’t understand the need to appoint more senior executive women are failing to meet their full potential.  I ask them to wake up to reality, in their own interests and the country’s interests."

So, whether you’re an HR Director looking to attract and retain the best talent,  increase productivity within your business, or simply expand the talent pool in which you can fish, build your business case.

To help you do this we have created a step-by-step practical guide to build the bespoke business case for flexible working for your company and to bring that blood pressure down.