The Power of the Hood in Action

In October, the power of the Hood cranked up a gear when 2to3days held our first roadshow in partnership with innocent drinks.  

All we can say is WOW!  The inspiration, connections and opportunities in the room were palpable. Over 100 seriously talented and engaged mothers attended the sold-out event, hosted in the quirky and contemporary grassy knolled, picnic-styled canteen at innocent’s Fruit Towers in London.


Our mission was to harness the power and the energy that exists between progressive companies, like innocent and highly capable and ambitious mothers of the 2to3days Hood.  The expertise and experience networking under one roof demonstrated that as a collective we can accelerate the pace of change. We can be the catalyst that disrupts the traditional recruitment model and revolutionises the workplace – for the benefit of both business and mothers.

“2to3days is bigger than me and it’s bigger than my team.   2to3days is about “US” - progressive leaders and highly capable mothers all working together to close the void between the business world and motherhood.”

Juliet Turnbull, CEO & Founder:  2to3days

After sipping on innocent smoothies and enjoying conversations with other like-minded mothers, 2to3days team members and innocent employees, there was also a great line-up of inspiring speakers.

douglas-lamont-ceo-innocent-drinksDouglas Lamont, innocent CEO, spoke about how innocent is trailblazing the way in their belief that work is not where we go but what we do.  Acknowledging that there is still work to be done, Douglas believes that there are three key enablers to effective flexible working:

    - Decent technology at our fingertips

    - A project-based mindset where part-time workers are becoming a sought-after resource and

    - A change in social attitudes, therefore the way we work is clearly evolving. 

“At innocent, we want to be at the forefront - attracting great people and creating a flexible, inclusive working environment.  That’s what I believe in - great people working flexibly….and unless we get to this, the world is going to go backwards.” 

2to3days founder and CEO, Juliet Turnbull shared her passion for why every mother has the right to have both – time to raise your children AND reach your full potential at work.  

“The solution to this social and economic problem lies in our hands – collectively if we all do our bit towards this common goal, we’ll increase the pace of change to close the void.”


Victoria McLean, CEO of City CV, also known as the CV Queen, shared that getting the job you want starts with a great CV.  It’s critical to reframe your CV as a marketing document – not just a list of everything you’ve done. Victoria challenges mothers to think of themselves as a branded product and not to underestimate the role that AI (artificial intelligence) and search optimisation play in getting you through the first hurdle when applying for a job.

“Your future employer – the hirer, they are a buyer looking for the best product in the market.”    

2to3days is not just a business, we are a movement actively supporting mothers and collectively pursuing change in the workplace for the better of the economy and society.

Our first roadshow was an overwhelming success and we loved meeting members of the Hood in person.   Our ambition is to support and inspire mothers with similar events in the near future so that we can empower you to be the woman you really want to be by working with other progressive companies, like innocent, to give you access to the jobs you really want.  

We all have a part to play in closing the void between the business world and motherhood.  The bigger our community, the more power we have, the faster we can accelerate change. So, if you share in our mission, help us make a difference today by doing the following:

  • Register on the site – as a mother or a company

  • Tell your friends to register, let them in on the great things we are doing

  • Refer a company and guess what you’ll make yourself a quick £100 the first time they place an advert

  • And when you spot that dream job you’ve always wanted – don’t delay, apply!  

Together we are stronger and more powerful as we champion mothers’ career progression through flexible working.  BE the Power of the Hood now!