Merry Christmas!

The magic of Christmas lies in believing, and so it is true of your career. It starts with you believing in YOU – we certainly do! 

So before I throw the children, dog, cat, wellies and parcels in the car and head off out of London for some much needed festive flop time, I wanted to drop you a note and wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas.

A fierce reputation is delivering great jobs

You’ve got to believe in the power of what we are achieving – the 2to3days Hood is rapidly gaining a fierce reputation for the calibre of our candidates – that’s you! As a result, our mothers are now working in a whole variety of great roles from Scotland down to Chichester. We’ve placed mothers onto returnship programmes with Shell, EY, and Virgin Money. We’ve watched Emilie Crick reignite her career by first becoming Finance Manager for Lucy’s Dressings before earlier in the summer becoming the FD for an international coffee company, Volcano Coffee; both roles were through 2to3days. And only a few days ago, a mother dropped us a note to let us know that she is now the Business Manager at Vorto.

Unleashing the power of the Hood

A 2018 highlight for our team was our first Roadshow, in partnership with innocent. This was a major step towards unleashing the power of the 2to3days Hood. It was truly wonderful to meet so many of you, and you will be pleased to know that we plan on doing a lot more in 2019. 

We also have a whole host of companies already committed to advertising in January (I'm dying to tell you who, but I can’t!). One hint: we are coming to Dublin and the bells of Westminster are chiming! 

Growing the team

So that we can deliver everything we have planned we are growing our own team - all through the 2to3days Hood. Beverley Brown has joined as our COO, and Holly Davis has joined as our Finance Manager working remotely working for us from Cheshire. And if you are an ex-recruiter and are brilliant at sales then apply for our role as a Business Development Manager.

Thank you!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making 2018 a brilliant year, 2to3days is far bigger than me or the 2to3days team – it’s about us – it’s about the 2to3days movement – it’s about us all coming together, united by a shared purpose and passion and that’s why more and more progressive companies are advertising on our site. This is our time girls, the way of working is changing and you need to be ready to seize your moment. 

Before I sign off and hit the road I have just one ask – please ensure your registration form on our site is complete and that your CV is uploaded. The power of opportunity that this will unleash is massive and as a result, your dream role will appear in 2019 making all this year’s Christmas dreams come true! Also if you haven’t already please complete our survey on Returnships as companies are queueing up to know what you want.

Have a wonderful Christmas, take some time out for you and bottle those precious moments. Here’s to a great 2019 filled with health, laughter and fantastic flexible roles!

Best wishes