Juliet Turnbull, Founder & CEO of 2to3days, reflects on this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #BalanceforBetter and explains why we’ve got your back.

Gender balance at work is a 2019 commercial imperative if companies want to perform at their best. The answer, in my humble opinion, to attracting and retaining women of all ages is to enable mothers to work flexibly.

By doing so you will plug your female talent pipeline and attract senior talent, where the gap is glaring. Female role models working flexibly will also inspire younger women that they can progress their career with your company, knowing that it doesn't have to stop when they become a mother.

2to3days’ sole purpose is to close the void between the business world and motherhood by championing mothers’ careers on a flexible basis. Our mission is therefore to unearth all of the companies, large and small who get and support gender balance in the workplace and connect them to our rapidly growing community of highly capable mothers.

It’s absolutely right that International Women’s Day is highlighting the central role business can play when it comes to driving gender balance. And it’s not a question of compromise - the business benefits are clear. So when it comes to powering your company's performance, we've got your back with our highly capable mothers.

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