Introducing our new partner Cognitive Law

We're thrilled to introduce our latest partner, Cognitive Law. Founded on the principles of full flexibility, this thoroughly modern law firm is the perfect fit to provide great legal support to both our clients and candidates. Lucy Tarrant, founder and CEO, shares more about their approach and how they can help our community.

Lucy Tarrant founded Cognitive Law out of a need for change. She had the desire to create a completely flexible working environment in a traditional profession.

Lucy worked in a large regional firm which embodied all the traditions of a legal practice - long hours in the office and strict targets. There was very little flexibility over when, where, and how she worked. Lucy wanted to break free. She wanted to create a law firm where everyone could manage their own time in a way that suited their lives – and still be successful.

So in 2014 Cognitive Law was born. The firm enables solicitors with a passion for the profession to break free from the rigidity of the traditional law firm structure. It allows them to achieve their ambitions in a completely new way. Cognitive Law lets solicitors work to live, and not live to work. It gives solicitors their lives back and enables them to make their practice work for them.

All the consultant solicitors at Cognitive Law are empowered to be their own boss. They manage their own time, clients, and work load. There are no set hours and no requirements to go to an office to work. The flexible structure and passion to change the way legal services are delivered is what sets Cognitive Law apart from traditional law firms.

Lucy has achieved this in part through technology. Investing in a cloud based case management system that can be used anywhere, at any time. The only “rules” that are imposed surround compliance and underpin Lucy’s dedication to providing excellent client service without compromising personal values.

Joining forces with 2to3days

With flexibility at the very heart of the firm, Cognitive Law is thrilled to be partnering with 2to3days. Sharing the core values of flexibility, work life balance, and the desire to empower woman to fulfil their professional ambitions in a way that suits them. This creates a unique partnership.

This synergy between Cognitive Law and 2to3days mean the solicitors at Cognitive Law have a deep understanding of what can be a complicated and stressful situation when requiring flexible work. Cognitive Law can offer tailored legal advice to woman who, like the solicitors, have the need or desire to work flexibility. With this unique understanding, this partnership will ensure members at 2to3days will receive expert legal advice by solicitors who are invested in always finding the best possible solution.

Having started the firm as a single mother, Lucy knows exactly what it feels like to take a leap of faith and try something she’s never done before. She has stood in the same shoes as many woman facing the age old conundrum of how to juggle childcare with working. Plus the desire to spend quality time with the family! Lucy knows how hard this can be for everyone. But together with her colleagues at Cognitive Law, she has vast experience in helping both employees and employers with work place issues.

Legal advice tailored for you

Cognitive Law’s employment team are uniquely placed to help with all employment matters. This may be helping you understand your rights at work, discrimination advice, maternity leave issues, requesting flexible working, redundancy, and much more.

Due to the flexible nature of the firm, Cognitive Law’s consultants offer a one-to-one service. They provide tailor made advice to suit your situation, at a time that suits you. Cognitive consultants listen carefully to all your needs, and work with you to achieve a successful outcome.

Drawing on their wealth of experience, the consultants at Cognitive Law also have a deep understanding of the legal issues that businesses face. Please visit their website to see a complete list of services.  Whatever your business legal issues, Cognitive Law have the experts to help you.

As well as the vast range of legal services for individuals and businesses, Cognitive Law has specialist knowledge of working with clients in the recruitment industry. Their specialist expertise has been recognised by the industry, winning the award for ‘Best Legal Services’ at the Recruitment International Awards in 2018.

Cognitive Law doesn’t just talk about flexible working, it lives it. You can call them anytime to chat about your, or your business’, needs; or just to chat about how this way of working can change your life.

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