Job adverts need to have their ‘own sex appeal’

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A well-written and thought through job advert is key to ensuring you attract the best candidates for your role. Based on our extensive experience of what works and what doesn't, we have created this guide to help you write the best possible advert.

Yes, yes, yes, this is the job for me….

That’s what you want our candidates to be saying when they read your advert. Your company’s success is highly predicated by the talent of the people you employ and in a fiercely competitive world hiring great people starts with having an eye catching, thought-provoking advert.

A well-thought through and well-written advert will act like a beacon, standing out from the vast volume of mediocrity. It will help to attract the candidates you desire who have the right skills, experience and attitude.

At 2to3days we have read and written numerous adverts and sadly had to rescue too many uninspiring ones that have been left floundering and were not attracting the appropriate candidates.

Writing a really good advert is a skill and if you aren’t used to writing them they can become a burden and procrastination kicks in, delaying the hiring and impacting the bottom line. Alternatively, you find yourself just ‘bashing it out’ and hoping for the best, then getting annoyed and disheartened; blaming the service you are using or the candidates themselves for not being good enough for your company. We certainly don't want to teach you how to suck eggs - but based on our significant experience, we have created this guide to help you write the optimum advert.

Start by doing your prep - your checklist to ensure you write a great job advert every time

What do you really, really want them to do? Be specific!

It’s really important that you provide as much detail as possible. Far too often the free text copy of an advert is vague with sweeping generalities. This creates ambiguity for the potential candidate and makes it harder for her to get excited about the role, apply and interview well.

We sadly read too many adverts that are riddled with sweeping generalities – if you aren’t clear about what you want how on earth can you expect to attract the right candidates?! So stop. Slow down and ask your self under each heading what do we really, really, really need your ideal candidate to do, what skills are essential or nice to have. What are the essential headings that go into a great advert? We would suggest the following:-

  • Overview  of the company
  • Overview of the team they will be joining
  • Outline of their role and responsibilities
  • Culture of the company – values and ethos
  • Essential skills/nice to have
  • Essential experience/nice to have
  • Attitude – what’s the ideal attitude of your star recruit?

Put yourself in her shoes

When writing the advert, we encourage you to write it from our candidates’ perspective – the more specific details about your company and the team she will be joining as well as the role. The more you can bring these to live the better.

Offer true flexibility

Adverts need to be specifically designed to attract highly capable women on a flexible basis - which means demonstrating how the role can be done practically, addressing logistical questions that she will have about time and money. In our experience, tackling these up-front will attract more applications (for example, we have not found it successful to crowbar a full-time job into three or four days - our women are savvy and will spot this disrespectful trick a mile away). 

Culture and tone

We are huge fans of adverts written in an informal but professional way. Allow the personality of the job and the culture of the company to shine through naturally.

State the salary

We encourage you not to write ‘salary at interview’, 'competitive', or 'negotiable', as candidates write into us regularly requesting that companies provide a salary/range as they don’t want to waste your time or theirs if the salary is not right. Adverts without at least a salary range usually get a lower applicant rate so you have been warned!

Grammar and typos

It is quite staggering that, even though we all have access to nifty spellcheck and grammar tools, we still see many grammatical and typos that need to be rectified. So please triple check your copy before placing your advert as first impressions really do count! It’s also a really good idea to ask someone else who works in the company to proof read the advert to ensure that it makes sense to them. 

You are well on your way to ensuring you get the right person to fill your vacancy!

Posting a job with 2to3days will bring you even closer as we excel at connecting businesses directly with highly skilled and motivated women, who want to help power the performance of your business. We believe that flexible working is great for entrepreneurial companies who can access amazing expertise and experience at a cost that works for them, and it’s great for women who want to continue their career whilst accommodating the needs of their family.

Find out how we can help you access great talent in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

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