What's flex got to do with it?

Placing D&I firmly at the heart of your recruitment process is a sure-fire way to advance gender equality at work - but how does flexible working fit in? Juliet Turnbull, CEO and Founder of 2to3days knows that flexible working offers a triple win. Here’s how...

Our talented candidates bring with them a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience. Having worked in many roles by this point in their career, they’ve seen it all and they know what they want - and what they don’t. They tell us culture is everything.

Fish from the widest talent pool

If you shout about your inclusive culture during the recruitment process, you’ll open up the widest talent pool to fish from. You’ll recruit a team with diverse experience, opinions and approaches that will lead to creative, innovative solutions and increased profit. Why would you want your team to all think the same way when your clients represent every part of society?

Find flexible talent

Increase your profit

Make no mistake - this isn’t a box ticking exercise and nor is it to make you look good. It matters because boards with diverse executive teams are quite simply more profitable. A lot more, according to April data from The Pipeline which shows that UK business and shareholders are missing out on £47bn of pre-tax profit by not engaging diverse leaders. 

Why does flexible working matter?

So what has flex got to do with it? It has been said that, ‘We’re all millennials now’. Back in March, as a nation, we embraced overnight the possibilities inherent in connecting virtually with our colleagues and tackling projects separately, yet together. We’ve proved en masse that is it possible to work remotely, at unconventional hours and to be productive, creative and energised. Many businesses are refocusing to adjust to this on a permanent basis and the latest exceptional ad from HSBC arouses the new energy this can unleash.

And which group in society is set to benefit the most from this adjusted timetable? Time-pressed women juggling career goals with caring responsibilities who need flexible working - for self-fulfilment as well as for financial reasons. Women who want to push themselves further, faster while raising their families or caring for elderly parents. And why shouldn’t they?

Part-time talent is still 100% talent

It’s a false assumption that women who need to reduce their hours have diminished ambition. These women who were talented assets before their lives at home changed are still exceptional, driven individuals. By removing barriers to progress, such as the need to be ‘always on’, you’ll ensure the pipeline of female talent stretches up to the top and your organisation will actively reduce the gender pay gap. ake flexible working viable

Every mountain worth climbing has a few barriers along the route. We can help if you’re hitting these. Responsiveness can be built into flexible work patterns. Job-sharing with an experienced colleague can be a cost-effective way to bring about innovative, profitable outcomes. Flexible workers can be brought into company culture using clever communications. It’s all eminently achievable. 

By knocking over the final great barrier to women accessing the workplace equitably - availability of time - we can truly advance gender equality at work. We can open doors where those who have the freedom to be full-time employees didn’t even know they were closed. 

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