How to play the LinkedIn robots at their own game

If there are 670 million professional profiles on LinkedIn, and 97% of recruiters use the platform, with 85% of shortlist decisions being made on profiles alone, what chance have you got of landing your dream role?

Does that sound like a hideous mathematical conundrum? It is! LinkedIn is THE place to be, but cutting through the noise is tricky. Luckily, help is on hand from the brilliant Victoria McLean, CEO of award-winning City CV, who hosted an excellent webinar on mastering LinkedIn for the 2to3days community recently. 

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Get help with LinkedIn and your CV

Here are nine pointers to make your LinkedIn profile start working for you.

Prepare your pitch

LinkedIn differs from your CV because it needs a broad reach to cover all target readers. You’ll need to consider tone of voice and discretion if you’re currently employed but looking to move. 

Consider yourself a product, with future employers as buyers. You are a business case. How will you meet the needs of your target audience? 

Do keyword research

It’s so important to play the robot game! That is - do your keyword research. You can use the Skills section to source these (more on this below). Prepare your list of keywords and use them all. With 80% of jobs built with ATS, you have to accept that LinkedIn’s AI will be scanning your profile and deciding whether to push you up the algorithm or not. 

Be your own ad manager

Recruiters will initially only see your photo, name, headline, shared connections and location. You are 21% more likely to be viewed if you include a headshot - which heat mapping has revealed recruiters look at for 19% of the time they are scanning your profile (so make it look professional!)

Your Headline is critical. You want to include as much information (and as many keywords) as possible here. Sum up your strengths and be personal and authentic.

Take your time on the About section

Use the About section to complement your CV and establish your credibility. You have 1990 characters (about 300 words) to play with here. Write it in the first person and use powerful, punchy language that's stuffed full of keywords. 

Cherry pick your professional experience

Don’t cram it all in. Simply highlight the exceptional projects you’ve been involved in and the skills that align with these. Add facts and figures and use short paragraphs or three bullet points. 

Do your skills homework

In the Skills section, use all 50 spaces. Cover your bases by using different connotations of the same thing. LinkedIn helps here with suggestions. This is a great place to do your keyword research.

Showcase your career break

If you’re just returning from a break, mention this in the About section. It can be clear, “Following a planned / parental career break, I’m now seeking to return to / transition to x”.  Make sure to include any volunteer activity you were involved in during this time. 

Personalise your upload

Go to the public profile section and make your profile visible to everyone, then personalise what can see. What do you want them to know about you?

Be visible

Connect with everyone. You need at least 500 well-ranked connections to play the LinkedIn robot game! Delete groups that are clogging up your newsfeed or damaging your credibility, and follow influencers who might be useful. You’ll want to be there - 85% of jobs are filled through personal networks, so work that virtual room. 

Activate LinkedIn Jobs and indicate that you are open to work. You can choose to share this with your whole network. 

Share articles, white papers, samples, infographics, video, radio, YouTube clips and certifications as often as you can. It takes time but even engaging once a week will help - throw in valuable comments to other people’s threads if time is tight. 

Don’t stress

Consider the opportunity costs of not working and you’ll quickly see why investing in yourself is worth every penny and every minute of your time. Check out our exceptionally good value CV, LinkedIn and covering letter writing services. There are three packages to choose from so you can market yourself professionally. Let us help!

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