Connecting women to their skills & new opportunities

We're thrilled to welcome Link UP London to the 2to3days Hood. Link UP London not only connects highly skilled professionals with meaningful opportunities within their communities, they also run a fantastic course for women who have been on a career break to reconnect with their skills. They share their story here and why they are partnering with us to provide you all with brilliant new opportunities.

Connecting communities

We are very excited to be partnering with 2to3days because of the synergies in our work. Like 2to3days, our target audience are highly skilled, very capable women. Our ReLaunch course supports professional women who are on a career break to clarify their professional goals, understand their values and who they are today, and create a plan for next steps. After completing ReLaunch, women are ready to engage with 2to3days in order to find the best possible role for themselves and start their next chapter.

Link UP London

We connect men and women who live and/or work in a community with local charitable organisations on short-term, well-structured projects focused on helping these organisations do their work better. Kim Perlow, co-Founder and Director of Link UP London, explains:

I established Link UP London in 2016, as I was aware that charitable organisations (community groups, charities and social enterprises) often lack the necessary resources they need to build their capacity and reach more people in their communities. The types of skills needed are wide-ranging and include marketing, HR, finance, strategy, legal, governance, organisational development, IT and much more. I really care about connecting people within communities and saw this as an opportunity to link the skills of those who live and/or work in a community with local organisations that could benefit tremendously from these skills”.

I know that many people are looking for a way to “give back”, but struggle to find a volunteering role that fits their busy schedules. Our short-term skilled volunteering projects are structured as volunteer consultancies with flexible time commitments and are a great way for local people to use their professional skills to make a difference! We have now run over 140 skilled volunteering projects in Wandsworth and Lambeth.”

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, there are many new opportunities for volunteers to use their professional skills to support the work of local organisations in an online capacity.


Reconnecting Women with their skills – Link UP’s ReLaunch Course

Link UP’s work revealed that the skills of professional women out of the paid workforce are vastly underutilised, at a loss to the community. Following a career break, trying to re-enter the workforce can feel daunting and women’s priorities and interests may have changed. Figuring out what you want to do, breaking barriers to re-entry and building confidence can be challenging.

To address this, in January 2018 we launched our ReLaunch Course, which helps women on a career break to understand the value of their strengths and build confidence. Through ReLaunch’s 4-part workshop over 6 weeks, women define goals and create an action plan. Our mission is to empower professional women who have had a career break (from 3 months to 15 plus years,) to feel confident to take their next steps. The course is led by experienced facilitators and held in small groups, so participants not only finish with a plan but with a new support network too.

Since completing ReLaunch, participants have gained full or part-time employment, started their own businesses, changed careers, engaged with skilled volunteering or gone on to further education.

ReLaunch programme coordinator Heather Paton worked as a lawyer before taking a career break to raise her family and has first-hand experience of the challenges of returning to work after a career break. She explains that in each ReLaunch course, a group of 6-8 women share their experiences in a supportive, confidential small workshop environment:

“This gives women the space and opportunity to focus on their own dreams and hopes for the future, with the encouragement of our experienced ReLaunch coaches.

Upcoming ReLaunch Course in February 2021

“If you are uncertain about where to start following a career break, the online Relaunch course is a great opportunity to be part of a supportive community that helps you focus on your next steps while rebuilding your confidence."

(Eleanor, May-June 2020 ReLaunch participant)

With a view to continuing to provide connection, community and a positive focus for women, we are running 2 ReLaunch courses for women via 6 online sessions, starting in February 2021 (see dates below). The online ReLaunch course takes place through weekly interactive, discussion-based virtual sessions, which fit into women’s busy lives. ReLaunch encourages participants to take small steps throughout the course to create momentum. As ReLaunch coach Henrietta Nelson says, “Confidence doesn’t tap you on your shoulder, or fall into your lap – confidence grows when you take action.”

To book your spot, please send an e-mail to our programme coordinator: relaunch@linkuplondon.org

Or fill in the form on our website: https://linkuplondon.activehosted.com/f/51  

ReLaunch Courses in February 2021 - Tuesdays and Thursdays

ReLaunch course starting on Tuesday 2nd February - 6 weekly group online sessions on Tuesdays:

Dates (Tuesday mornings)


2nd February

9:30am – 12:00 noon

9th February

9:30am - 11:30am

1 week break (15th-19th February)

23rd February


2nd March


One-to-one coaching session scheduled from Monday 8th March to Friday 12th March

16th March

9:30am-12 noon

23rd March


ReLaunch course starting on Thursday 4th February - 6 weekly group online sessions on Thursdays:

Dates (Thursday mornings)


4th February

9:30am – 12:00 noon

11th February

9:30am - 11:30am

1 week break (15th-19th February)

25th February


4th March


One-to-one coaching session scheduled from Monday 8th March to Friday 12th March

18th March

9:30am-12 noon

25th March


Price:  The Early Bird price is £500 for the course, payable two weeks before the start of the course (full price is £560). The price includes a one-to-one virtual session, as well as the 6 online group sessions.

Further ReLaunch courses will be running in April, May to June, September and October 2021, so women can choose a course which suits them.

Luciana, a November 2020 ReLaunch participant said, "ReLaunch has been a game-changer! The support and encouragement of the facilitator Caroline and my ReLaunch group has helped me to believe in myself and take my next steps with confidence."

Clare’s Story

After being away from the workforce, Clare took part in ReLaunch as she was looking for clarity on the kind of work which would suit her:

“After a 7-year career break to raise my children, I wanted to obtain a fulfilling role which suited me, but which also gave me time to care for my family. I took part in ReLaunch because I was ready for my next chapter and needed clarity and support to move forward. ReLaunch gave me the tools I needed – to understand my strengths and what kind of work I really enjoy doing. ReLaunch also helped me to create a plan to take concrete steps towards realising my career goals. The support and encouragement which I received from the women in my group and the ReLaunch coaches was fantastic!

ReLaunch is amazingly good value for money – because of taking part in the course, I felt motivated and more confident to apply for jobs. Subsequently I successfully obtained my current role as Project Support Officer with the Home Office. There can be challenges in returning to work after a career break, however overall, it has been a very rewarding experience for me. I really enjoy the intellectual challenge of my role, meeting incredibly passionate people dedicated to public service and being part of a vital team. Over the past few months, I have been able to work remotely from home, which has given me a positive focus in these uncertain times.

I’m glad that I took part in ReLaunch, as it set me on the right path to enjoy the next stage of my career. If you are thinking about your next steps after taking time out, ReLaunch is a great way to kickstart your career!”

Annabel’s Story

Annabel, who had been away from the workforce for many years to raise her family, participated in ReLaunch as she wanted to revaluate her life and next steps. She says:

ReLaunch made me set aside time to really think about my strengths and weaknesses, what was important to me and how that could translate into a new pathway going forward. Through Link UP London’s team, I became engaged in a skilled volunteering project with the Katherine Low Settlement, the much-loved Battersea Charity that supports the local community in a variety of ways. When the volunteer project came to an end, I was offered a paid role within KLS as their Community Partnerships Manager. In these unprecedented times I couldn’t be busier or more fulfilled. I fully believe ReLaunch made all this possible; without it I would still be considering my options without the confidence to press forward as it’s so easy to procrastinate. I encourage you to take the plunge and see where ReLaunch takes you!”

Can't make the posted dates? Don't worry, we run these course regularly! To find out more, get in touch with our programme coordinator:  relaunch@linkuplondon.org

“ReLaunch has given me the confidence to believe that I can achieve my dreams and make a difference – despite being out of the paid workforce for years!”

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