So this is Christmas, 2020 style


Timma Marett

How are you going to celebrate this year? If you’re desperately trawling the web looking for ‘fun’ ideas to liven up your team, inject morale and make a name for yourself as the party planner extraordinaire … don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. 

We surveyed our community and while a sparkling 44% of you are holding Christmas drinks or some kind of Christmas activity, a rather drizzly 56% said they weren’t planning any kind of celebration. We think it’s time to thank your staff for supporting the business through the worst year on record. They’ve stepped up their game, juggled their home lives and gone the extra mile to keep your business thriving despite incredibly difficult circumstances. So this is not the year to be the Christmas Grinch!

Christmas parties bring teams together in a bid to improve communication between team members. But it can be tricky for people to let their hair down in the corporate world. For some, the barrier of the screen this year will make this even harder. For others it might be a welcome change of style.

Enforced jollity at a distance is a horror show we’re recommending you steer well clear of. So we’ve asked our sisterhood of experts and raided the Christmas box to find the best ways to celebrate in these disjointed times.

Interactive apres-ski vibe (60-90 mins)

Host your party at The Virtual Alpine Lodge for a top end experience! This incredible virtual Christmas party comes with a choice of 15 acts including drag queen bingo, belly dancing lessons and interactive mind reading. Guests are sent gourmet boxes of antipasti grazing menus and cocktails.  

They’re welcomed to the company branded event with a welcome speech from yoru CEO or MD and from there can explore the main stage, three hidden rooms, and enter chat rooms with friends. A DJ lounge or interactive experiences include a comedy club or trying your luck at the races.

Panto for Party Poopers (2.5-3 hours)

Energetic professional acting coaches help your team members take centre stage in this unforgettable interactive Panto for Party Poopers. A handbook is sent out listing all the props your staff will need at home and the script! Even the most reserved of your staff will be ready to jump straight into the action after two 30-minute workshops. Groups will take it in turns to be the actors, the soundscape and the audience in this fast and funny production. You can even add fizz, chocolates and party hats to the bundle.

Deal or No Deal? (60 mins)

Bring your team together with a Christmas Party Edition of Seal the Deal. This interactive game show experience follows a similar format to the Deal or No Deal but with added energisers to keep the whole group engaged. These include party games such as Christmas pictionary using the virtual zoom whiteboard, 5 second rule games and yuletide Dash & Grab rounds.

Mental magic (30-60 mins)

Book a professional magician like Edward Crawford and your Christmas party will be remembered for all the right reasons. Invite Edward to read the minds of your staff over the internet! He’s a mentalist, specialising in predicting thoughts and reading minds - perfect to find out what really motivates your staff (joke)! His dry sense of humour, audience interaction and entertaining narrative will keep everyone gripped.

Travel the world (90 mins)

We’re all craving a getaway so take your team on a globe-trotting world tour, visiting 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles using teamwork, collaboration and creativity. Guests unlock tasks and challenges to earn credits to reach their next destination. Challenges include performing the Haka in New Zealand, and demonstrating Kung Fu in China! Test your team’s strategy, creativity and ingenuity!

Easy Christmas party ideas for small teams

For smaller businesses or those who have left it a bit late, here’s a list of easy ideas that will impress your people.

  • Beer tasting - send a box of locally brewed beers to your staff and enjoy a tasting session. Ask the master brewer to host it!

  • Cocktail making boxes - Send the ingredients out to your team and see who does the best Tom Cruise impression

  • Art puzzle - Divide a famous artwork into enough pieces for one each, and ask everyone to make this their backdrop for the call. The game is to try and piece it together.

Secret Santa’s still here

Unfortunately there are no excuses to avoid Secret Santa! The annual trial of trying to find something hilarious to give a co-worker for under £10 has not ended just because we’re not seeing each other in person. Arrange to have something sent to your chosen giftee instead and open the gifts on your call. Good luck!

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