Case study - Anna Mason

"I heard about 2to3days when it was set up a few years ago through a work colleague who knows Juliet personally and I loved the idea.  I decided to give 2to3days a try as I thought the concept of employing someone part time on a flexible basis was a perfect fit for our growing business.  The business isn't big enough to take on someone full time as an FD but 2 days would be enough to take over the financial elements from the business and finance manager that we had in the business at the time."

Harry Wynne-Williams
Director, Anna Mason

Candice Oliveira

Meet the candidate

"2to3days and the fantastic company I now work for provide me with the opportunity to continue my career, building on the valuable skills already obtained in a career before children and imparting my existing experience, at the same time as allowing me the time I both want and need with my family. I am a better employee for the focus, enthusiasm and drive I bring on those days I am working and a better mother for the time I spend with my young children because I am more present and feel more empowered and in control of choices in my life. Flexibility allows people to enjoy other aspects of life and therefore bring the best version of yourself to work which can only be in a company’s best interest. It should be a tool all companies offer to all the workforce to retain skilled staff who give their best and are efficient because their wellbeing is being safeguarded."

Candice Oliveira
Head of Finance, Anna Mason


Anna Mason logo

Meet the company

Anna Mason is a leading London-based independent British luxury womenswear label. Established by Anna in 2013, we are stocked by online retailers including Net a Porter and Saks, as well as selling direct from our studio and via our website, Over 75% of our customers buy from us repeatedly, having experienced their ‘Anna Mason moment’ in our luxurious, stylish clothes.

Candidate quality

"We received approx 20 application of which we shortlisted to 10 that were excellent.  We were really pleased with the level of experience and qualifications and felt that with this being a popular role, if we had used Linkedin for example that we would have been bombarded with lots of irrelevant applications.  Using 2to3days meant I received real quality applications rather than quantity.

"Candice was chosen in the end as she had the most relevant experience of a growing luxury brand, has a determined and engaging personality and lots of energy and was a perfect fit for the Anna Mason brand and the business and we are delighted with the results!"

Harry Wynne-Williams


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