Case study - WiHTL

"WiHTL required a recruitment partner to help build our team and support our mission of creating inclusive workplaces throughout our community. Through 2to3days, we were assured of high-calibre candidates looking for flexible employment who were an excellent team fit while aligning with our shared values of female empowerment, supporting women returners and balanced work-life integration."

Tea Colaianni
Founder & Chair, WiHTL

Meet the candidates

Sarah Heath

"Via a chain of working-mum friends, I was sent a link to the 2to3days website from which I spotted the job role. WiHTL was exactly the purpose-driven organisation I wanted to work for and also offered flexible, remote working within a growing team. As a mum living in France wanting a return to a professional career, I have found the perfect role."

Sarah Heath
Marketing & Content Coordinator

Silvia Sanvito

"I came across 2to3days website thanks to a friend. It immediately resonated with me, reflecting my need for flexible hours and remote working. The position on offer was well explained and I was able to contact the organisation directly which made the process quicker and more efficient. 2to3days offered me an opportunity to work in an environment which fits in with my family life"

Silvia Sanvito
Leadership Programmes Project Manager

An illustration of a star

"2to3days was the only dedicated platform for women like me I found when I was looking for flexible work with companies who genuinely value the benefits of a greater life/work balance. It was straightforward to set up a profile to look for jobs which met my criteria rather than scrolling through dozens of irrelevant ads. By using 2to3days, I’ve been fortunate to secure a role with mutual flexibility with an amazing organisation I would never had found otherwise"

Community & Partnership Leader

Meet the company

WiHTL logo

WiHTL is the most impactful collaboration community of leaders across the hospitality, travel and leisure sector and is devoted to increasing women's and ethnic minorities' representation at all levels, and in particular in leadership positions.

Our mission is to support companies across the Hospitality, Travel and Leisure industry to create diverse and inclusive environments and to positively impact 5 million employees by 2025.

Candidate quality

"I was absolutely impressed with the quality of the candidates who applied via 2to3days. We ended up hiring more people than we originally intended to hire as they were all brilliant. Where other channels failed to deliver results, 2to3days provided us with a panoply of excellent diverse candidates."

Tea Colaianni


Our purpose is to accelerate gender equality in the workplace through the power of flexible working...