To succeed in the long-term, companies need to earn trust from people who influence their business performance: investors, customers, business partners, policy-makers, NGOs... In a word, their stakeholders. At Black Sun, we use communications to help companies earn trust from their stakeholders. We articulate and communicate the whole value of businesses, beyond financials. We do this across all relevant channels: corporate reporting, digital and social communications. We serve large organisations in the UK, Europe, Russia, South-East Asia and China from our two offices in London and Singapore. We invest in research and are considered a thought leader in best practice corporate communications. We also invest in technology to build our best-in-class digital and social media offer.
Above anything else, Black Sun is a team of 100 talented, friendly and diverse people driven by common values, and a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the world of business. This is hard, but fulfilling work. Our long-term goal is to create one of the best places to work in our sector. This is why we ensure our people get plenty of opportunities to learn and grow, and regularly consult them to hear how best we can achieve that goal.