We are the largest tax practice in the UK to specialise in both US and UK tax. Our offices in London, New York and Wellington provide tax compliance and advisory services to individuals, partnerships, trusts and companies.

We are small enough that most people know each other but big enough that we have the benefits of a larger operation (great IT, marketing and admin support).  46% of people have been here for 5+ years and a number are getting close to that having joined from school/university.  Our support teams sit with our technical teams and the Directors have a true open door policy.  56% of our employees are women, including our Managing Director and a third of our Board members.

All employees have a line manager but also get the benefit of working with a broad set of people, often between offices.  We are investing in our L&D offering to ensure continuous learning is part every employee's life with us.  We are getting better at shouting about the good things we do and our Employee Committee are always looking for new suggestions about how to keep this a great place to work.

All our offices have flexi-time. We have core hours (10-12 and 2-4.30) and it's up to the individual to fulfil their contractual hours around those times and between 8 - 6.30. We recognise some people are early birds, some like a long lunch and others are better in the afternoon.

Regardless of role, everyone has a Surface Pro enabling them to work at their desk, anywhere in the building or from home.

To top all that off we recognise that family time is important so we close between Christmas and New Year and those days don't come out of your holiday allowance! Holiday can be booked by the hour so if, for example, someone wants to catch a late afternoon flight for a weekend getaway they can book the time they need.