A charity registered in Scotland, launched in 2012, the ICAS Foundation aims to support academically talented young people from disadvantaged communities into university through the provision of mentoring and financial assistance.

Our objectives

  • Identify and support academically talented young people in need to discover their true potential.
  • To mobilise the ICAS membership as donors, mentors and facilitators.
  • Secure sufficient funding that makes it possible for us to award bursaries of up to £2,500 per annum to individuals whose parents or guardians earn under a certain threshold.
  • Support students in securing a suitable internship during summer breaks to build skills and experience needed to enter the workplace

Who we help

The ICAS Foundation supports academically talented young people from disadvantaged communities who wish to go to university by helping them overcome particular financial barriers which would otherwise deter them from studying accountancy or a finance related degree.

We are a small team of 3 consisting of the Director who is responsible for leading the charity and the day to day operations, an Operations and Engagement Manager responsible for managing a number of initiatives including the mentoring programme and an administrator. We are based in the offices of ICAS in Edinburgh.