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Welcome to our events page. Here we showcase online and offline events that 2to3days and members of our community are running.  

Some of these events will be in partnership with 2to3days whilst others will be run independently of us. The golden thread that links all these events together is the advancement of women in the workplace through the power of flexible working. 

Over the course of the year we will promote a wide range of topics that we think will be interesting to our community. If you would like 2to3days to host an event with you, or help market it, please contact us to find out more.

Our upcoming events

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The menopause: what is it and how best to manage symptoms

Friday July 1st at 10am

We're thrilled to welcome Dr Rachel Hines to kick off our series of summer talks about the menopause. Rachel is a Menopause Specialist and a General Practitioner specialising in Women’s health.

 In this session for the 2to3days community, Rachel will explain what the menopause is, the treatment options available to women and how to take the first steps to seek support when it's needed, followed by Q&A

Please note - if you have questions about HRT, this is the session to attend as Rachel is our only medical guest for the menopause talks. Other contributors will be unable to comment on any medically-based questions.

Rachel takes a holistic approach towards assessing and treating menopausal symptoms to provide personalised care for her female patients through her consultancy service. Read more about Rachel here

Victoria McClean B&W

Break the workplace taboo: the menopause and your career

Tuesday July 5th at 12 Noon

According to the Guardian "almost a million women in the UK have left their jobs because of menopausal symptoms". Yet, women aged 40-55 are often at the peak of their careers and have so much value, experience, and knowledge to give. It’s time that more companies put support structures in place for women and create a culture where everyone feels comfortable talking about the menopause.

In our second talk we welcome a regular contributor to the 2to3days community, Victoria McLean, Founder & CEO of City CV to focus on coping with the menopause at work.

• What the perimenopause and menopause are
• The impact of experiencing the menopause in the workplace
• Why women at menopausal age are leaving employment
• How to support women at work, with plenty of practical solutions and real-life examples.


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Real menopause talk: straight up top tips you can start today

Wednesday July 13th at 12 Noon

We're delighted to welcome founder of the podcast Real Menopause Talk, Hatty McCafferty

Menopause coach, yoga instructor, nutritionist and personal trainer, Hatty is passionate about building a strong and powerful community of women who can share their experiences of the menopause to help others.

In this session, Hatty will explain why menopausal symptoms happen and what we can do about them, flags to look out for and how to track what works best for you, followed by audience Q&A.

Hatty is honoured to have heard the experiences women have shared with her through her Real Menopause Talk podcast, providing a brilliant opportunity for other women to hear real stories and solutions.




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