CFO Virtual Agenda: FiresideChat

Tuesday, 24 November 2020
| 14:00 to 15:00

We're delighted to be taking part in this years CFO Virtual Agenda. Juliet Turnbull, CEO and founder of 2to3days will be joining Bina Khatwani, Financial Partner, for a fireside chat on Tuesday 24th November at 2pm.

During the Fireside chat Bina and Juliet will share their personal stories, their passion for empowerment, how to effectively utilise flexible working, and the importance of knowing and understanding the individual. The discussion will touch on:

  • Introduction and sharing of personal stories
  • Why Bina and Juliet are passionate about women empowerment, flexible working, work-life balance and how this contributed to their journey
  • Understanding ‘The evolving role of the CFO’ and the importance of being a good business partner to MDs and CEOs. Why personal connection is key
  • Their passion of helping and supporting small businesses and how they believe post COVID recovery will be achieved
  • The importance of diversity in the workplace
  • Revolutionising the recruitment process and going beyond the CV, forming connections, building relationships to achieve


Enduring months of struggle and uncertainty has left many businesses focusing on survival, however as we look forward, we must return to the key objective of creating stability and then growth. As we embark on these challenges, we must be ready to tackle both productivity, profitability and remain ready to deal with instability created by the pandemic, political changes, the economy, technology, and the future workforce.

The CFO finds themselves thrust forward and now more than ever taking the helm and driving the organisational changes required to survive this period of extreme turbulence. Through exceptional leadership, commercial acumen and by finding the balance between the precision of data and global strategy: the seasoned CFO can identify new areas of value and derive the competitive advantage that will see their business through the storm. 

Whatever the sector, businesses have never been under more pressure to achieve more for less and at an unprecedented speed. Those who were unable to adapt to the changes of the past months will have been left behind. For Finance, 2021 marks the start of a new set of challenges where the proactive leaders will be at the helm, having navigated their businesses safely through the changes of the past year and now looking to the future to create stability and capitalise on new opportunities.