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Flexible on recruitment. Inflexible on quality. 

We are here to shake things up a bit and challenge the status quo. We believe in giving you quality candidates without extortionate recruitment fees. Working with us means getting your roles in front of exceptional women who have a proven track record, a drive to succeed and the experience to take your business to the next level.

Working with 2to3days enables you to address the gender diversity and inclusion and gender pay gap in your organisation, and create role models to attract future female talent.

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  • Hire 1 Brilliant Brain


    • 1 job advert

    • Your own dedicated company page

    • Boosted email and social media campaign throughout the month

    • Advert runs for a calendar month

  • Managed by - when confidentiality is key


    • We will advertise the role on your behalf and send you applications

    • Boosted email and social media campaign throughout the month

    • Advert runs for a calendar month

  • Returnship Programme


    • Dedicated returnship page

    • Up to 3 single adverts

    • Boosted email & social media campaigns throughout the month

    • Adverts run for a calendar month

  • Annual membership power gender equality



    •  Unlimited job adverts

    • 3 advertorials

    • Your own dedicated company page

    • Boosted email & social media campaigns for each job advert

    • Promote your career events advertised on our events page

    • Dedicated Account Manager

    • Price on application

  • Hire 12 brilliant brains for the price of 10!


    • 12 months to advertise your roles

    • Your own dedicated company page

    • Boosted email and social media campaigns for each job advert throughout the month

    • Promote your career events on our events page

    • Each advert runs for a month

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  • "As a strong advocate for flexible working with a desire to hire top talent, we are delighted to partner as a Featured Employer with 2to3days.  We have already hired fantastic and capable 2to3days mothers and look forward to presenting many more stimulating and flexible opportunities to the 2to3days community"

    Tom Portingale from Nationwide Building Society - Employer Brand Manager

  • "We were very happy to use 2to3days to find the part-time member of staff we were looking for. I think it's great that there is an agency out there providing support to mothers who want to ease back into working. Jo made it very easy for us by sending us some really good candidates. We ended up hiring one of them for our Part-Time Contracts Manager position. Would really recommend 2to3days!"

    Sarah Harris from ConversionWorks - Office Manager

  • “We posted our role on 2to3days and within 24 hours were receiving applications from very qualified and professional candidates. The 2to3days team were helpful in advising us before we posted the job and we’ve hired an excellent candidate with minimal trouble.”

    Tom Davenport from TalentPool - Co-Founder

  • “We were hiring for an Office Administrator. I interviewed 4 out of 5 applications from 2to3days, compared to 2 out of 41 applications from Gumtree.  I found 2to3days candidates had more breadth and depth of experience, better multitasking skills, emotional intelligence and were generally a better fit for our team. If you are hiring for a flexible role, this is the place to advertise, you will get fewer applications than some online recruitment sites, but the calibre of candidate speaks for itself - our successful candidate came via 2to3days!”

    Anna Cuthbert from UWI Technology Limited - Marketing Manager

  • "We were advised by multiple recruiters that this role was very difficult to fill and it was a very competitive market. We did not receive any suitable profiles although the role had been open for a few months.  We opened the role on 2to3days hoping to reach a talent pool that had not yet been tapped through recruitment agencies, and we were introduced to Jane who thoroughly impressed the partners.  To have found a high talent calibre candidate with the niche experience we required through 2to3days at a significantly lower cost than a recruitment agency has been a very pleasant surprise, and we are now using the platform for our other positions."

    Tarja Veijalainen from Howard Kennedy LLP - HR Business Partner

  • "We used the service and filled the role very quickly. All the candidates were of good quality and the service was just what we were looking for".

    Rupert Morrell from JMS Drinks - Chief Operating Officer