2to3days is the ultimate platform for you to advertise your returnship programme. We give you direct access to highly capable women who want to get back into the workplace after a career break.

The power of engagement in the 2to3days Hood means that news travels fast. Soon thousands of our women will know that you are running a returnship programme and will come to our site to learn more about what you can offer them.

Our women are

  • Seriously bright - 84% have a degree, 36% a masters and 14% a doctorate

  • Very experienced - 89% have over 10 years working experience

  • 65% are currently on a career break

Our Returnship package

We completely get that you want to pack a punch with your advertising and marketing spend when it comes to promoting your returnship programme, and getting your message to this very captive audience. So with this in mind, we have created the following package which we believe will do just that.

The power of the Hood in action

It’s the alchemy of your adverts, your story and our know-how in engaging our community that will drive the right women to apply to go on your returnship programme.

Your returnship package will include:

  • Your logo on our homepage

  • Your own dedicated page that enables you to explain what your returnship programme entails together with brand imagery

  • Your own advert promoting your returnship programme

  • An email and social media campaign to boost your message to our engaged community

The returnship package costs £1,650 +VAT.

For an additional £750+vat we highly recommend that you also provide an advertorial that we will use to boost your employer brand engagement campaign. We have a very experienced in-house team to take care of this for you. 

Do you have the in-house capability to run a successful returnship programme?

If you do great! Click here to advertise your Returnship programme on our site. If not, let us introduce you to a brilliant and highly experienced team who can take care of you and run a great programme; meet our partner, Inclusivity.


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