Guidance Notes

Guidelines for the mothers

Step 1 - Registration

Before you can use our site we need you to register with us. This is a very simple process. We require your first and last name and email address and you need to select MOTHER. In so doing you are legally declaring that you are a mother, a requirement for our website under the Equalities Act 2010. We will email you the link within 5 minutes so that you can verify your email address. This link is active for up to 24 hours from issue.

Step 2 -   Your profile – first impressions count!

If you are using the site for the first time you need to complete your profile before you are able to search and apply for jobs.  Your profile is what the employer or recruiter will see when you apply for a job on our site, so it is important that you spend a bit of time completing the fields. (It really doesn’t take long to do, we promise!) Simply click on the profile button which is located in the top right hand corner of the page.

Step 3 – Your page

This is where the matching and connecting happens. You are able to search and apply for jobs as well as decline requests for your CV, if the positon isn’t right for you.

Your candidate profile

This lets you see a summary of your profile that the employer/recruitment company will see. You are able to edit this at any time by simply clicking on the edit profile button found on the right hand side.

To apply for a job you need to provide an up to date CV. Here you are able to download your default CV. However we would highly recommend that you tailor each CV for each job application.  Our site  will accept doc, docx, txt and pdf

Your job search

This is the matching section of the site.

To search for jobs you must at least select a department that you would like to work in. The other three filters simply refine your search. The job matches will be presented in Your job matches. With the industry and location filters please note that you are able to select a maximum of ten choices for each search.  Due to data protection you are unable to search and see all of the jobs at any one time.

Alternatively if you know the job ID you can simply write this in and click on search.

Your job matches

This is where the jobs that match your search criteria will be listed. By clicking on the job title which is highlighted in blue you are able to read the advert. To apply for a position you first need to move the job(s) of interest to ‘Your shortlist’ by clicking on the +shortlist button which will move that particular job to ‘Your Shortlist’ section which is where you get to manage your applications.

Once the closing date for a job has been reached the job will appear ‘greyed’ out and you will no longer be able to apply for the position. It will then be removed from the site a week after the expiry date

Your shortlist

This is where you apply for the jobs that interest you by clicking on the job title link which will take you to the advert. At the bottom of the advert you are able to either upload your default CV with a tailored covering letter (if one was requested) or upload a tailored CV for that specific job (we would recommend the latter). Each time, please double check that you are uploading the correct document as it is easy to make mistakes and upload the covering letter in the CV field and vice versa – we have seen it happen!

Recruiters have the option to upload a link to their website. If they do this then you will asked to apply for that job through their site and not ours.

Please remember to have your up to date contact details on both your CV and covering letter, otherwise the employer/recruiter will not be able to get in touch with you and that would be a crying shame!

The date column lets you know the date the action took place, which is summarised under Status. The options available to you under status are applied, CV requested or turned down.

Good luck!

Guidelines for employers & recruiters

The guidelines for employers and recruiters are essentially the same, with one exception which relates to recruiters and is explained below under the heading Company details’.


Before you can use our site you need to register. This is a very simple process. We require your first and last name and then select either EMPLOYER or RECRUITER from the drop down menu. You then need to provide an email address and password. We will email you a link within 5 minutes so that you can verify your email address. This link is active for up to 24 hours from issue.

Your company profile

The first time you come to our site you need to complete your profile before you can post an advert.  All of the fields are very straightforward. This information is stored on our site so when you post subsequent adverts you will not need to provide this information again. You can edit your profile at any time should your company details need updating.

Information from the following fields is automatically lifted from your profile and added to your advert:

  • Company name
  • Company logo
  • Description of what your company does
  • Description of the team/department
  • The industry sector your company belongs to (not applicable for recruiters)
  • No. of employees
  • No. of offices/shops

Write an advert

To do this, simply click on the ‘Write an advert’ button found on the right hand side under our welcome.  All of the fields are very straightforward, so we haven’t explained everything but the following pointers may be helpful. In the free text boxes please put yourself in the mothers shoes and give her as much information as she needs to fully understand what is involved in the job. If you keep it brief you are unlikely from our experience to get many applications! 

Company details

This section is the key difference between Employers and Recruiters.

  • Website address – Recruiters have the option to upload a link to their website which means that mothers will apply for the job you are advertising directly on your site rather than through ours.
  • Our client’s company – As you are recruiting on behalf of a third party you need to provide a short overview of your client’s company.

The role

Job title – This is a free text box so we leave it to you to write the most appropriate job title

Describe the role – Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes and bring this role to life with as much description about the role as possible.

Covering letter – we have selected the default to be YES as you can learn a lot about someone from the effort they put into their covering letter. If a CV will suffice then click on NO.

Skills & Expertise

There are four sections that you need to complete here. 

Skills & expertise - Please provide as detailed an explanation as you can as to the skills and expertise you need from your ideal candidate

Specific qualifications . Again be as specific as you can be. 

Personal characteristics and attributes Ditto above - if you don't tell them what you are looking for they won't know! 

Where & when

The first three questions are very straightforward and therefore we don’t feel they need any further explanation.

The last two questions are about how many days per week and hours per day that you require this mother to work. This is because we only allow part time, flexible jobs to be advertised on our site. The maximum amount of hours that you can advertise a role for is 35 hours/week.


 If you are not sure what you think you should pay and would like to build in some flexibility then select salary at interview. In the addition Info box you can always provide a more detailed explanation.


If there is any travel involved, select the applicable area and frequency from the drop down menus.

Additional Information – this field is here to sweep up any additional information pertinent to the position.

Closing date

You pay to advertise on our site for a month, therefore the closing date default is one calendar month. However you may want to choose a closing date of less than a month which you can do by simply selecting an earlier date, which you can change at any point (by clicking on the edit button) until the expiry of your monthly advert.

Preview advert or save

At the bottom of the advert you have two options. You can either preview your advert and if it still needs work done to it you can click off this and go back to your draft advert and continue to edit. Or if you are happy with your advert you can save it by clicking on the save button. This will take you back to ‘Your page’ where you can place and pay for your advert when you are ready.

Your page

Each time you log in (after you have completed your profile for the first time) you will arrive at ‘Your page’. This is your dashboard; it is split into four sections, making your adverts easy to manage.

Your adverts

Once you have written a new advert it will appear in this section.

Job ID - Each advert is given a computer generated Job ID code so that candidates can easily track it in their search fields.

Job title - The job title for each advert appears here.

Action - You can then decide when to place your advert by clicking on the ‘place’ button. Placed – The date you placed your advert will appear here. When you want to place your advert you will be taken to WorldPay who will process the transaction on our behalf. We only accept debit and or credit cards.

Closing - This reminds you when your closing date is.

Status – This tells you whether your advert is active or not.

Applicants – This keeps an active count on how many candidates have applied for the position.

Edit – you can edit your advert at any time whilst it is live. Expired adverts will remain on your dashboard for future reference and editing/replacing as required.

Delete – If you do delete your job it will no longer be searchable by a mother.

Search for candidates

You can only search for candidates an advert at a time.

Department – this is the field that guides the entire search process. Simply select the job (in the ‘Your advert’ section) for which you want to do a candidate search. This will automatically provide you with a list of all mothers who wish to work in this department. These will appear in ‘Your Candidate matches.’ If you wish to refine your search further, select an entry in all or some of the other three filters.

Your candidate matches – the profiles of the mothers who best match your search will appear here. If you would like to request a CV you can do so by clicking on the CV icon.

Your candidate applications – the profiles of the mothers who have applied for a job that you are advertising will appear here. Once your advert has expired these profiles will remain for a further 30 days before they are removed from the site.

Good luck finding your ideal candidates.

Last updated October 2016