How to Furlough

Until the outbreak of COVID-19 the word ‘furlough’ was not a term that most people were familiar with; it means an unpaid leave of absence, and is more commonly used in America. With many companies putting employees on furlough due to the impact of coronavirus, the UK Government has announced that it will guarantee to pay up to 80% of those employees’ salaries, up to a cap of £2,500 per employee, for a period of 3 months from 1st March 2020.

Whether you're an employer or an employee grappling with these extraordinary circumstances, this highly informative and practical webinar is for you.

Juliet Turnbull, founder and CEO of 2to3days, interviews Sarah-Jane Butler, employment lawyer and founder and CEO of Parental Choice, to give you clear direction on:

  • What this actually means to you as an employer or an employee
  • What you need to be eligible

For more information, please visit Parental Choice's Coronavirus Advice Hub.