How to thrive - work life integration

At maximum propulsion we have been forced as families to fully integrate our work, school life and family life under one roof: our home. The news and rules around coronavirus are changing by the day, so having some top tips and fresh ideas to enable us all to be one step ahead is vital to our individual and collective sanity!

Sarah-Jane Butler, Founder and Director of Parental Choice, and their Head of Corporate, Christiana Powell, joined Juliet Turnbull for this inspiring and practical session on tackling work life integration.

Here are some of the great comments shared during the webinar itself

Planning your time

  • On the planning side- my husband and I put our key meetings in our shared calendar for the times we can’t be with the kids (we have three kids under 4). We have an overall framework for the week but we check in every day as things are changing every day. We tried to largely switch off at the weekend and it felt like a much needed and good break for everyone. We are finding our domestic chores are being divided better now so that is a positive!

  • We don't have a plan as such but I have set out and got buy in to some key daily house rules for my teen-aged children!

  • I’ve also amended my hours, to utilise my time better with my executive and my team. 

  • I am effectively the employer (as a partner) but I am trying to work out how best to ensure that my team understands that we are there to support them whilst juggling trying to deliver to our clients.

  • Not really a question but a challenge to share. I am working on my own and have been operating part time as an organisational consultant and coach and as such there is an assumption from my full time working husband that I will cover the homeschooling. I am therefore effectively putting my business on hold and this feels tough.


  • We are having a corporate keeping in touch call every day at 12. to see a friendly face. boosted morale massively.

Activities and ideas to keep little ones busy

  • My daughter is 3 and we use do "letter a day" and have games and activities geared around that letter.  She also facetimes all the family once a day and they have to come up with a word for the letter of the day

  • We did reading time with Granny on whatsapp

  • There are some lovely things on youtube, Maddie Moate science lessons, online music classes with Mylenne Klass.

  • We have a 2.5 yr old and some of our best days and been based around a chosen story: tell the story, see if there is an online/video version or even a virtual class/activity based around it, do some art based on the book, do some phonics based on the characters, maybe some cooking related to the story etc etc

  • I've setup a virtual bingo game with my daughter's class via zoom and the kids have really enjoyed it

  • The area my children struggle with is the physical contact with their friends….they WhatsApp.

  • Joe wicks PE every day is our fave!

  • We have been writing letters too, and facetiming my parents