Consultant to PR firm (with City background)

Boutique Financial PR Firm – Seeks Consultant with City Background

We are a boutique financial PR company focused solely on advising companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. This year we have won a number of new clients (completed 4 IPO’s) and we would be delighted to find the right person to help advise our client base and to continue to expand. Currently, we are a team of three. Tim with over 25 years in Financial PR, Chris an ex- UBS broker and Fergus our youngest team member (been with us for three years and generally makes sure everything happens although he now has begun running clients too).

We are looking for someone with a City background, be it as a financial journalist or an ex corporate broker/investment banker/fund manager…We are hoping the person joining our team will add a different perspective for the benefit of our clients, providing strategic input into each client's communications with the City (all input is welcome). We advise on our clients' investment case, City communications, media relations and analyst coverage. The right candidate will be familiar with some of these areas and most importantly be interested in them. We envisage the right person will bring fresh ideas and support our clients with their experience and expertise.

Typically, we start each morning with a TEAMS call where we go through our clients and work out the tasks for the day. We divide them between us and if working out of the office,  check in with each other during the day. We envisage a new person might begin by working 1-2 days a week,  spreading the hours across the week rather than set days,  but as this is a new role,  we can be flexible.  Starter salary will be in the region of 2.5k per month plus bonus, depending on experience and flexibility agreed.

Clearly, fitting with a small team like us is important. We are relaxed and like to enjoy life but we work hard. Post covid, we have realised that working hard doesn’t always mean having to be sat at your desk. We believe in working where it makes the most sense. I am based in Wandsworth, Chris is in Farnham/Kensington and Fergus is in Clapham. We have an office in Somerset House and we are currently in the office about 3 days a week but in half term,  we didn’t come in at all. We are happy for the new joiner to work from wherever. If this sounds good and a fit with you're looking for, we'd love to hear from you.

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