Chief Operating Officer - Film & TV Production London

Our client is a producer of high-end, award-winning scripted stories. If you binge box sets on streamers or can’t function because you have to wait a whole week for a nerve-jangling hook to play…..well, you like what they do. If you prefer Bake Off, fabulous though it is, you just might be reading the wrong ad.

Describe the role

They’re looking for someone with experience and expertise in the world of TV, drama or movie production who can support them in the telling of stories on screen. They err as a culture on the side of the creative in this creative business, and while more than capable of organising their way out of a paper bag, they are keen to bring into their inner circle a vibrant, smart, curious human who likes creative people, has worked at a senior level in this space, but whose enthusiasms tend toward the art of the deal (PSA's, IP options and talent), organizing (them and others), commercial black swans, contracts and the odd spreadsheet or three (production budgets as well as 5 year plans). IT does not frighten you, protocols and policies are your bread and butter, Companies House is just another club. They love telling stories. You will get the same kick out of running the operation logistically on a day to day basis, helping the growing of it, too. What for others might pass as routine admin is your passion, so too conversations with accountants, bankers, suppliers and insurance companies. There will be some really challenging, difficult people to talk to and deal with. But it’s no fun if it’s easy. They are currently small, nimble and virtual, in both mind and body. Deliberately so. The role – well, they are open to discussing it, but think COO meets Director of Strategy by way of Head of Business Affairs and Operations Manager – has innate flexibility. If you’re the right person, you can shape it together.


3-4 days a week


Somewhere within an easy commute of London 


Pro rata basis of £100k pa, with the possibility in success of this growing into a board position with an equity stake