Finance Manager - Part-time

Pay: Kent Range7

Start Date: Immediate

We are seeking to appoint anenthusiastic finance professional to support the Headteacher with theprocessing and management of school’s finances.

To provide an effective financialand administrative service to support and enhance the running of a one formentry primary school in accordance with KCC Financial Regulations. Providetimely and accurate information to the Headteacher and Governing Body asrequired.

Contract Type: 18 hours/week, termtime only plus 2 weeks in school holidays (ideally split over 3 days)

Disclosure Level: Enhanced

Key duties and responsibilities:

  • Formatting salary proposals inline with the School Development Plan for the Financial Sub-Committee in orderto co-ordinate an annual budget of income and expenditure at theschool.
  • Maintaining and monitoring allbudgets and presenting regular management reports to ensure efficient andeffective control of income and expenditure.
  • Preparation and implementation ofbusiness plans to ensure strategic development of the school to a highstandard, measurable by internal and external criteria in conjunction with theHeadteacher.
  • Ensuring that the school complieswith statutory requirements from the DfES, KCC, Governing Body and otheragencies.
  • Negotiating contracts and tendersto ensure the most efficient use of resources to ensure best value for money atall times.
  • Supervise the AdministrativeAssistants. Conduct appraisals for TCP and identify and recommend developmentaltraining to ensure that an efficient and effective service is provided tosupport staff, pupils, parents and Governors.
  • Support the Headteacher in aconsultative and administrative capacity in matters of Finance andadministration to provide an objective and informed view to aid decisionmaking.
  • Prepare, implement and reconcileall financial transactions relating to the school’s income and expenditure, toensure compliance with legal requirements and KCC FinancialRegulations.
  • Oversee, authorise and timetablethe letting of the school premises and, where necessary, follow up and solveproblems on behalf of the school and its clients, in order to capitalise on theschool’s property assets and generate additional income.
  • Manage and take responsibilityfor all accounting procedures in relation to the School Fund and Standard’sFund ensuring that all KCC audit requirements are met.

Closing Date: Mon 14 June 2021 atmidday

Interviews: By appointment

Shortlisted candidates will benotified no later than 5pm Fri 18 June 2021

Information about the school

St John’s Church of England Primary School(controlled) is a one form entry thriving, oversubscribed school in the heartof Sevenoaks town. With close community links and a strong Christian ethos,everyone is valued, encouraged and nurtured to be their best. The school wasjudged Good at the last Ofsted report and there has been a continued focus onsustained improvement.

We are a happy, caring schoolwhere staff and children thrive. Visitors often compliment us on the children’sconfidence and the positive atmosphere in the school.

The teaching team is dedicated andambitious for all pupils. We are committed to providing engaging and inspiringlearning opportunities for all. Pupils’ well-being sits firmly at the heart ofour provision. Academic excellence is valued equally alongside personaldevelopment.

The school enjoys an active,positive working relationship with the Governing body, parents, Church and thewider community. We are leading members of the Sevenoaks Partnership ofschools, which provides support and professional development to a group oflocal schools.

The school is a stimulating and engaginglearning environment that is both well-resourced and in good order. It is rarein offering specialist Spanish, Music, and PE teaching, a real strength in arich curriculum. A breakfast and after school club is offered, as is amultitude of other clubs. The school runs a balanced budget and has a bursar toassist with finance.

Close links exist with the Church of St John the Baptist, with festivalsbeing celebrated in Church, the parish priest leading worship and being afrequent pastoral presence in the school.

It is our aim for the children toleave St John’sconfident, resilient, and ready to contribute to society, leading fulfillinglives and enriching the lives of others.

Our School and all its personnelare committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children. Thispost is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure Application to the Disclosure andBarring Service.