Marketing Manager (Part-time) (English and Mandarin Speaking, Education Management, London)

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We have an exciting opportunity for a part-time Marketing Manager role in a London based education management company. The core operations of the newly incorporated company include comprehensive coordination, tutoring, admissions help, extracurricular planning, and mentoring for students of all ages, from 7+ to postgraduate level. The company's marketing will be directed and coordinated by the part-time Marketing Manager. A performance-based incentive is negotiable along with the base salary for 1-2 days per week of work.

Job Requirements:

•    Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities (English and Mandarin).
•    Previous experience or demonstrated success in digital marketing, blogging, and other related fields is preferred.
•    Knowledge of popular worldwide social media and marketing platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WeChat etc).
•    Expertise with the majority of popular marketing software (e.g. Marketo).
•    Expertise with the majority of popular creative software (e.g. Adobe, Canva).
•    Fundamental web development skills are required (e.g. WordPress).
•    Outstanding organisational and multitasking skills.
•    Excellent time management abilities, as well as the capacity to prioritise tasks.
•    Excellent problem-solving and imaginative abilities.
•    Detail-oriented thinking and meticulous attention to detail.

Job Responsibilities:

•    Maintain company website, update it on a regular basis using WordPress, and collaborate with other web designers/developers to enhance it.
•    Create material that can be shared through social media, blogs, newsletters, and so on.
•    Administer social media profiles by posting and updating them regularly.
•    Marketing campaigns execution or focused advertising design.
•    Find innovative ways to promote and connect with our community of students, parents, tutors, and mentors.


If you know anyone who may be suitable for the above role, feel free to get in contact with the Mandarin Recruitment team. We will ensure a healthy referral bonus.

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