Part time Graphic Designer - work from home

We are looking for flexible people to work from home on an ad-hoc basis creating basic logos, business cards, graphics and web mockups for clients.

We are a very successful web design and marketing company that has been running for 16 years helping small businesses generate sales and build relationships.

You will be creating graphics in Photoshop or InDesign and work will be paid at £12 per hour.

Job Purpose:

Work is on a project by project basis. You will be given a brief and some examples with all assets.


Small projects executing design briefs for clients


Basic requirements – In-depth knowledge of Photoshop or InDesign and the ability to execute a given design exactly. A creative person with artistic talent who understands how to deliver graphic design work to specifications.

Must be able to design to clients' specifications and capable of adapting their style and techniques to our requirements.

Other requirements:

Candidates must have their own computer with Photoshop or InDesign and internet connection (to be paid for by the applicant). The employer has given an assurance that a wage equivalent to the NMW (or above) can be achieved after any internet costs etc.

Applications are by email only.

To apply you must email with the reference number TS20212GRAPH and your CV.

Please note, due to the type of work that we do, our freelancers are chosen for their ability to read, understand and follow instructions to the absolute letter as well as their coding skills. If your CV and reference number are not included and sent to the correct email address then your application will not be considered.

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