Recruitment Consultant (Part Time)

About usThe UpReach Group is a recruitment and investment group. We are one of the region’s best examples of a company doing the job the right way. We exist because we want to disrupt the recruitment industry, which has hardly changed in the last 40 years. Together with our partners, we feel that we offer our clients and staff something they want to believe in, as we aim to be different and unique and an alternative to the norm.Combine this with our vision to transform this industry into something to meet the needs of the future business world, we need real innovators, who are as passionate as we are about creating real change and want to be part of this solution.With an annual group turnover of £20million and operating in several key sectors, we are perfectly positioned to offer people great training and career development from our seasoned professionals within the group.Our business runs on common sense values, with a sensible approach to KPIs aimed at helping and not hindering you. With most of our income coming from repeat clients, our business is always striving to deliver the best service it can to both our clients and candidates.At our core, everything we do is around putting you first, which we know creates the perfect environment for people to succeed and feel good about themselves. Furthermore, everyone is trusted and empowered to make decisions on their desk, as we feel this brings out the best in people. We are always looking for new ideas to do the job and welcome new thoughts on how we can make our business better and future proof. Like many businesses we have learnt a lot from Covid and have now adopted a more flexible approach on how we work.About you and the roleWe are looking for a part time person to join our investment recruitment group to help grow and support the business as we look to scale our offering. If you have got children and need flexibility, we are totally open on hours and days and want to help you as much as we can. In your nature you will be very entrepreneurial and competitive with a drive and ambition which gets you what want. Plus, you will also have an amazing way of seeing problems and instinctively know what action to take to solve these and deliver workable solutions. You will also be brilliant at time management and can get most things done in less time than it takes everyone else, as you will be skilled and proficient at pushing and driving a process to get the ideal outcome you want. You will be creative, open to new ideas and strategies whilst having the ability to think for yourself and plan the best use of your time. You must be able to business develop new clients and grow existing accounts. Just to be clear, this is not an account manager’s role and if making cold calls and generating new business scares you, this is not the recruitment job for you.You will also be driven to deliver outstanding customer experience to your clients, and you will not compromise on these important standards.To clarify – these are the essential skills for this role: * Able to generate new business and account management skills. * Task oriented with a desire to please. * With a “can do” approach. * Understanding what is “outstanding customer service”. * Able to present and articulate a point well. * Know how to prioritise tasks to get results. * Must be extremely resilient. * A curious thinker with an open mind * Thinks in solutions not problems. * Have emotional and social intelligence. * Good attention to detail * Well organised and understand the value in planning. * Be able to drive a process forward to an end conclusion. * Good business acumen and the ability to make things happen. * Must be driven and self-motivated. * Determined and resourceful with a self-improvement mindsetIt’s your job to add value to people’s recruitment by solving our clients’ problems. It is really that simple!Your characterNotwithstanding this, as a person your character will be the most important thing. You will always consider doing what you see as the right thing and will not compromise on these important values. You will also know when to pick your battles and channel frustrations in the right places, as these frustrations are in every business and we are no different. We also have a zero tolerance to drama, as life is difficult enough without unnecessary things making it more difficult. We know, as an employer, that things go wrong and we will support you where we can, as this is one of our key values. However, it’s your responsibility to own this situation and deal with it in a professional manner.You will be hard working and you must genuinely care about what you do. Our approach is very different and to be honest, we don’t want self-centred, old-fashioned salespeople, as recruitment is changing and we are part of that change. We are not so concerned with your figures because performances go up and then they go down. We recruit based on character and personal behaviours as typically these are fixed.In conclusion, you may not have seen this on a job advert before and this may put you off, but if anyone in your peer group, or one of your previous managers has said that you can be lazy or you’ve had lots of issues within the workplace or if you have had lots of jobs in quick succession, please don’t apply, as we’re a close team of committed people and this will come out very quickly and end badly.What’s on offer: * Salary of £25,000 - £28,000 basic (pro rata), depending on experience. We offer an excellent bonus structure and pay reviews based on personal achievements. For exceptional candidates, a higher starting salary may be offered. * Progressive career advancement * On-going training and personal developmentPlease apply with an up-to-date CV