School Subscription Sales Manager

Talk Education is a new digital hub for independent education, which will transform the way parents make decisions about their children’s schooling.  The private education market is worth nearly £10bn in the UK alone, yet the information and advice available to parents remains limited and analogue. Likewise, schools themselves have access to very little hard data when it comes to what parents want for their children. We will solve this problem by providing the highest quality information and insight to parents, as well as unique data on parental aspirations to schools.

School Subscription Sales manager:

We are now looking for a dynamic, well-connected School Subscription Sales manager to join us in developing the company’s revenue line, with a focus on selling School Subscriptions.  We are a well-funded start-up. Our founders have deep experience producing existing guides to independent education, unrivalled contacts and flawless reputations. We want to be joined by an experienced relationship manager who can help turn our vision into a thriving, global business. 

The role:

The role will include:

  • working with the founders, editorial and research team, and alongside the individual Subscriber Sales team, to manage and oversee all aspects of Talk Education’s revenue generation from School Subscriptions;

  • using previous experience of selling to generate and drive School Subscription revenues;

  • taking introductions to schools from the founders and research team and converting these existing relationships into school subscription sales;

  • contacting schools with whom the team has no previous relationship to introduce Talk Education; sell the story; and develop relationships leading to School Subscription Sales.

  • working alongside the parent advisory, schools advisory and educational events teams to meet schools’ needs and make sure they are benefitting from the full range of Talk Education services;

  • working alongside the Head of individual Subscriber Sales to create a consistent message around the Talk Education brand and, working with the marketing and PR teams to amplify the Sales Strategy that you build to take Talk Education to the forefront of the UK independent education advice market.

The successful applicant:

The successful applicant will be:

Experienced in the independent school sector, willing to build on existing relationships and confident of their ability to develop new relationships. The successful candidate will be alert to the nuances of communication with schools. 

Able to draw on your existing contacts to secure meetings.

Proactive in approaching schools, and pre-empting and tackling problems. We are a small team, working flat-out. We will need you to have the confidence to take the initiative, pre-empt problems, make decisions on the hoof. We will be there to bounce ideas off and answer questions, but we need someone who is prepared to pick up the ball and run with it. A positive ‘glass half full’ attitude, perseverance and determination are essential!

Willing to work flexibly. We are all mothers and we know that sometimes watching a school play or going to an assembly will take priority, and that working in the school holidays requires a complicated juggling act. Equally, we know the work has to be done, so if necessary, we are prepared to work early in the mornings, at weekends and late in the evenings to get the job done. We would hope you are willing to do the same.

Excited by the idea of working for a growing start-up at an early stage in its development. We will all be (metaphorically) making the tea and buying the loo roll, so we need you to be willing to do the same.  We may be a start-up, but we have big ambitions. 

Organised in how you go about your business of selling to new school customers and looking after existing school customers; you will have experience of basic CRM usage and be naturally keen to ensure order within your selling process.

Interested in the world of independent education. We are unabashed schools nerds – it’s a fascinating world full of (mostly) brilliant people doing great things. It would be great if you shared our excitement.

Committed to delivering results and seizing opportunities as they arise.  This may require you to represent the Company at non-traditional business hours - but will also offer the prospect of flexibility around your own life needs.

Flexible on location. 

If you are interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you, by email, to James Rose:     

9th August 2020