SEN Analyst Part Time

SEN Analyst needed in London £20.11 per hr  ref: 5396

This role will involve:

  • Championing data analytics, business intelligence, performance management, service improvement and efficiency requirements within the Strategy, Performance and Intelligence service and promoting best practice to the client and its partnerships
  • Developing and maintaining dashboards and reports which provide meaningful insight and reporting capability.
  • Supporting the delivery of innovative data analytics and advice, and performance management and service improvement interventions at tactical, operational and strategic levels to support the delivery of operational objectives
  • Representing the Strategic Intelligence and Schools Performance and Intelligence Manager in meetings, at working groups and with service heads/directors, partners and members
  • Advising the relevant Service Head and Director on data analytics, performance management and service improvement issues as requested or as required in accordance with statutory requirements
  • Identifying, collecting and migrating data to/from a range of internal and external systems to transform, manipulate and link different data sets as required
  • Interpreting and applying data, data protection and information security standards, policies and procedures to data management activities, to ensuring projects and products comply with data protection requirements.
  • Using a range of analytical techniques to identify and predict trends and patterns in data
  • Ideally candidates will have:

  • Will have significant experience and expertise in using analytical tools to effectively present data in a meaningful way to a variety of stakeholders. Specifically, will have expertise in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power BI.
  • Skilled in effectively collating, validating and cleansing data from multiple sources including Excel, databases and other ICT systems to produce insight.
  • Excellent analytical abilities; with the ability to assimilate and analyse information quickly identifying issues, themes, trends priorities and potential solutions.
  • A qualification in Microsoft Power BI development or significant experience of using the system
  • A Data Analyst Qualification or proven work-related experience within the field.