Senior Digital Marketing Manager - B2B

Rentokil Initial:

Rentokil Initial is an international business services company employing over 35,000 colleagues across 70 countries. We strive to protect people and enhance lives, for example by controlling pests, improving hygiene and improving interior spaces with plants and scenting. We are experts in the fields we operate in, investing in training, science, innovation and technology.

Listening and acting on feedback is part of our culture to support colleagues and our customers. Rentokil Initial regards equality and fairness as a fundamental right of all of its colleagues. We live our values of Service, Relationships and Teamwork which were identified by our colleagues across the world.

A key strategic aim of Rentokil Initial is to be recognised as a world-class Employer of Choice that is able to attract, recruit and retain the best people from the widest possible pool of talent.  Therefore, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive working environment for all employees by, at all times, striving to be an organisation that values everyone’s talents and abilities and where diversity is encouraged.

We want our workforce to reflect the diverse nature of the business environment and markets in which we operate and the customers that we serve. As a company, we strongly believe that a more diverse and inclusive workforce will boost our financial performance, enhance our reputation, support innovation and increase colleague engagement.

The proportion of women in leadership positions across Rentokil Initial has increased significantly over the last two years and in 2018 reached 30% for the first time.  Our progress on improving female representation in leadership roles saw us ranked 32nd of all FTSE 100 companies in the 2018 Hampton-Alexander review, up from 46th the previous year.  We were also named in 2018 by Equileap, an organisation aiming to accelerate progress towards gender equality in the workplace, as one of the leading 200 employers for gender diversity and equality. 
We equip our teams with the tools and skills needed to work flexibly and there are numerous examples of flexible working across Rentokil Initial that are in place to accommodate the needs of our business and the preferences of our colleagues.  

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Main Purpose of the Role

Rentokil Initial is a global B2B Pest Control brand and maintaining its leadership position, with target B2B sectors, as a global supplier of choice, is critical to driving RI’s future B2B contract portfolio and organic growth objectives.

The role of digital channels and touchpoints are becoming increasingly more important in the B2B path to purchase; particularly in terms of brand building and the consideration phase of the purchase funnel. Typically, RI’s target B2B audiences are present across a number of digital channels, which vary by sector, including third party specialist website, LinkedIn Groups, forums and associated industry websites and platforms.

The purpose of this role is to build RI’s brand awareness with, and on-going nurturing of target B2B brands, to ensure that we are in the consideration set for future contract tenders and renewals.

Given the diverse digital footprint of RI’s target B2B brands, our approach to targeting and nurturing these brands will be across a digital ecosystem; including, relevant third party and industry websites and social channels.

The Senior Marketing Manager - B2B In/Outbound Marketing will liaise closely with the Global and National Account Teams to ensure a consistent message across marketing and sales, to target, nurture and ultimately pass B2B marketing qualified leads (MQLs) across to the relevant sales organisation. The final element of the role will be tracking the progress of B2B MQLs through to contract closure.

In the short term, this role will be focused on building as a global B2B Pest Control website and working with the M&I Category Marketing and Global Sales Teams to agree target brands, B2B content and optimised B2B journeys through the purchase funnel.

Additionally, the role-holder will work with the Digital CRO and V4 Product and Deployment Manager to ensure the operational implementation of the B2B Digital Content Marketing Plan across owned channels and the technical launch of all new digital innovations.


Stakeholders & Resources

Financial: OpEx budget of £150k (excludes people budget)

Financial: CapEx budget depending on the agreed portfolio of projects

People: Initially a single direct report

Internal: Global Sales Leadership Team, Global Accounts Director, M&I Category Director, Head of Business Intelligence, Digital Customer Experience and Search Marketing Teams, M&I IT Business Partner, GIS Web Development and M&I Brand and Marketing Communications Team.

External: Where appropriate liaise with external suppliers including third party advertisers - social channels and content distribution networks, suppliers of technical services such as Account Based Marketing (ABM) platforms and external B2B marketing agencies.


High Level Accountabilities

The Senior Digital Marketing Manager - B2B In/Outbound Marketing is accountable for building the Rentokil Initial brand with target B2B brands and nurturing these brands through the purchase funnel; to ensure that Rentokil Initial is present in the consideration set for contract tenders and renewals this will include:

  • Targeting and nurturing B2B audiences and brands across the purchase funnel.
  • Nurturing prospects to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and passing MQLs into the sales organisation.
  • Liaising with the Sales organisation to ensure ‘end to end’ tracking of prospects into leads.
  • Owner of the B2B social strategy to include social organic, promotion and selling.
  • Digital owner of the CRM, marketing automation platform and social tools - Hootsuite and SoAmpli.
  • Owner of and group social channels.


The key elements of the role are detailed below:

B2B Audience Targeting and Brand Building

The primary purpose of the role is to lead the implementation of Account Based Marketing (ABM) methodologies to build our B2B brand with our most profitable Global and National target accounts.

  • Support the Digital Marketing Director in defining Rentokil Initial’s Digital B2B Strategy.
  • Based on the agreed Digital B2B Strategy, lead the implementation of an ABM approach targeting global B2B brands.
  • To inform our approach to targeting and nurturing B2B prospects through the purchase funnel, map the B2B digital footprint of target brands and core ‘proof points’ along the purchase funnel, across Rentokil Initial websites, relevant third party sites and social channels.
  • Based on deep research and knowledge of the target B2B audience, build a compelling brand presence that will support the Global Sales Teams in growing our B2B portfolio. (This will be the digital articulation of the agreed B2B Brand values)
  • Based on B2B customer research and data insight, map and define the B2B nurturing process across the purchase funnel. This process will be used to underpin the ABM approach, provide the basis for a lead scoring methodology, and inform the marketing automation workflow that nurtures B2B prospects through the purchase funnel. This workflow will be used as the basis for any future pilot of marketing automation.
  • Define and implement an ABM approach to building our B2B brand with target brands, covering organic, paid and social channels - organic social content sharing, social promotion and relevant third party channels. This is to include a view of changing B2B customer needs for repeat B2B visitors to RI’s digital channels.
  • Continuous monitoring of digital competitors, targeting global B2B brands, and their strategy across channels; identification and incorporation of best in class content topics and methodologies into RI’s ABM approach.
  • Liaise with the Global Accounts Team to ensure alignment of the B2B digital marketing approach to the Global Sales objectives.
  • Based on the B2B digital footprint, lead the B2B Digital Content Marketing Plan to include relevant topics and target publications and ensure that this content is published on the relevant digital channels. The digital content assets will be delivered by the M&I Brands and Marketing Communications Team.
  • Leverage insights from relevant third parties, auditing bodies, professional organisations and competitors to further enhance the B2B Digital Content Marketing Plan.
  • Where appropriate, seed relevant B2B content on identified content distribution platforms and third party sites; this will be underpinned by the B2B audience research findings.
  • If required, develop a B2B Digital Content Marketing Plan to retain existing customers on our extranet platform. The digital content assets will be delivered by the M&I Brand and Marketing Communications Team.
  • Liaise with M&I’s Brand and Marketing Communications Team and the Digital Project Management and Deployment Team to ensure that the B2B Digital Content Marketing Plan is implemented in-line with the B2B audience insights.
  • Owner and accountable for the implementation of the B2B social strategy - social organic, promoted content and social selling. The key focus of paid social promotion will be to build our brand awareness and association with ‘Pest Control/Prevention terms’, with our most profitable B2B audiences.
  • Digital Marketing contact to support the Sales Teams in the roll-out of social selling including support with Sales Navigator and social sharing platforms such as SoAmpli.
  • Liaise with the Digital Customer Experience Team to ensure that all B2B insights are included in the B2B living libraries and are fully documented in the B2B purchase funnel.
  • Support the Regional Marketing Directors in the launch of B2B targeting and lead nurturing on regional and local digital channels.
  • Where required, act as the Digital Marketing lead for the pilot and implementation of a marketing automation platform.
  • Digital owner of, the CRM/marketing automation platform and social tools such as Hootsuite and SoAmpli; marketing point of contact for Sales Navigator.


Do you have what it takes?

If you want to be considered for this role you will need:

Personal Characteristic

  • Commercially and analytically driven with a demonstrated track record in driving quantifiable business benefits.
  • Structured thinker with ability to define and implement programmes of work based on incomplete and in some cases ambiguous data sources.
  • Active listening skills and openness to including alternative approaches when defining programmes of activity.
  • Experience multi-tasker with an ability to prioritise and deliver at pace across a number of projects and initiatives.
  • Resilient self-starter with the ability to self-manage and deliver in the face of competing priorities.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to deliver a high quality product within a tight timeframe.
  • Persuasive and comfortable in building buy-in and support from key stakeholders within the business.
  • Ability to focus on the highest priority activities that will deliver the greatest business benefit.
  • Collaborative approach with an ability to build effective relationships with peers and colleagues.
  • Confident in analysing digital marketing data and communicating to less-technical teams.
  • Have the ability to run regular workshops with business stakeholders and deliver detailed presentations and deep dive analyses.


Qualifications and Experience

  • A minimum of 5 years digital experience and preferably in a B2B service industry.
  • A working knowledge of Account Based Marketing and ideally some experience of a global or regional implementation of ABM methodologies.
  • Experience of implementing and refining a lead scoring mechanism to identify MQLs based on the digital behaviours of B2B brands.
  • Proven track record in defining and implementing marketing automation workflow processes to nurture B2B prospects through the purchase funnel.
  • Track record in delivering quantifiable business benefit through the implementation of digital transformation.
  • Commercially focused with experience of delivering business value through the use of data and trends underpinning B2B digital behaviours.
  • Ability to define and deliver a portfolio of projects based on customer hypotheses and data insights.
  • Capable of managing multiple stakeholders with potentially conflicting requirements.
  • Proficient in SEO, PPC and CRO best practice, with a demonstrated track record in this area.
  • Knowledge of digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics and AdWords.
  • Advanced spreadsheet skills and an ability to process and make sense of large amounts of data.
  • Proven track record in project delivery; project management qualifications would be a positive.


Are you interested? Here's what you can expect when you join us…

  • Annual Bonus Scheme
  • Healthcare (Self)
  • Life Assurance
  • Pension Scheme
  • Rentokil Initial Reward Scheme
  • Free Parking
  • Competitive Salary
  • 23 days holiday, plus 8 bank holidays


Equal Opportunities

Rentokil Initial regards equality and fairness as a fundamental right of all of its colleagues. Every colleague is required to support the company to meet its dedication to provide equal opportunities in employment and avoid unlawful discrimination. Rentokil Initial considers that all colleagues have a duty not to discriminate against any of their colleagues on any unlawful grounds.Are you interested? Here's what you can expect when you join us.